Monday, 14 December 2009

JYC December 8th and 9th

What did I say about it not taking me long to forget not to keep up with the JYCing? It's weekends that do it to me. I didn't scrap on Friday night because I fancied a night off, completely forgetting that I was going out with my good buddies Paula and Karen on Saturday night (thereby being unable to scrap then either). Last night the prospect of doing 3 pages after a day of dealing with a very grumpy, snotty, bunged up (the kid hadn't pooped since wednesday, what's that all about?) Ewan was just too much to bear so I didn't do any then either. Now I'm left with 4 pages to catch up with including today's prompt. Seriously, I never learn my own lessons. Crubbish I am.

Here's the pages from the 8th and 9th any way. The prompt for day 8 was about sights of the season. I've printed some photos on to acetate for this and then used small squares of Christmassy patterned paper.

JYC 2009 - December 8th - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

For the 9th the prompt was all about Christmas traditions. I wrote about general traditions last time so I thought for this time I would concentrate on one tradition from the list, this time it was New Pyjamas (which we always all have on Christmas Eve).

JYC 2009 - December 9th - New Pyjamas

Pretty simple pages (which is kind of the blessing of playing catch up - you can't be phaffing about with things too much).

I've scrapped a page for the 10th prompt about Christmas wrapping (but haven't photocopied it yet). Tonight I will try to catch up with prompt 11 (about the tree), prompt 12 (about Christmas Past), prompt 13 (about the music) and today's prompt about gifts.

Watch this space. Or not.


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Playing Catch Up

I really should know better by now than missing a days scrapping when I'm doing an online class. I didn't scrap a page for the prompt on Saturday so I've been all out of sorts and playing catch up since then. I'm sure I'll forget about that important lesson and be at it again in no time though.

Anyway, before we get to the JYC pages a bit of an update on life in Cookieblogland. Yesterday we took Ewan to the hospital for his whole body bone scan. He was a little superstar all day long! He didn't cry at the radioactive isotope injection (all he said was "Ouch! You're hurting me!" in a very matter of fact voice before going back to reading his book) and he managed to lie still for 30 minutes while they did the actual scanning (courtesy of the radiographer's secret weapon.... Scooby Doo videos!). I was so proud of my little guy, such a trooper!

On the topic of Proud Mummy moments, I got another one of those for Miss Grace yesterday too. She came home from her karate class last night proudly toting yellow tips on her white belt as she's made the grade of 9th Kyu. Go Gracie!! Now she's caught up with Daddy who also made 9th Kyu this week (so congratulations to Kendo too :)).

I have a photograph of Gracie getting her certificate but it's proving elusive at the moment (won't upload from my phone at work, I will try to get the original off Kendo's later and upload it).

Both my kids get extra brownie points this week for being super fab!

Right, onto the JYC catch up.

The December 5th prompt was all about counting down to Christmas. I had to scrap about Gracie's latest "Gracie moment" with this one. Every time she asks us how long until Christmas on a Friday and we answer with "It's X weeks today" she conveniently doesn't hear the weeks part, only "to" and "day". At which point she starts saying "Is it only 2 days til Christmas??" and getting all excited! I think now she knows it's not only 2 days, but she thinks its funny to do it anyway. Strange child. Here's the page anyway:

JYC 2009 - 5th Dec - Is it only 2 days 'til Christmas?

For December 6th the prompt is about comparing a good and bad Christmas memory. I really struggled with this the first time round and ended up doing Christmas past and present. I've taken a different tack this time and scrapped about handmade gifts and how although I was quite good at making them last year, this year I've been rather lax (although I'm sure family members are breathing a sigh of relief at that piece of news!)

JYC 2009 - Dec 6th - Handmade

Yesterdays prompt (7th) was about organisation. This year I am WAY more organised than I've ever been. To the point that I'm actually scaring myself. I've bought all my presents with the exception of a couple of stocking fillers and not only are they bought, they're WRAPPED too. Usually I'm having a marathon scrapping session on Christmas Eve, but not this year. This year my Christmas Eve will be calm and relaxed and will hopefully involve wine and chocolates and James Stewart in the bestest Christmas movie in the world, ever.

JYC 2009 Dec 7th - To Do? Ta Da!

I have to say though, this is the least favourite of all the pages I've done so far. I'm not quite sure why. Something feels a little off with it. Ah well, it will have to stay as it is for now, no point stressing over it.

So. We're back at the hospital with Egg for his scan results on Tuesday 22nd December (can't believe that's only 2 weeks away...seriously! That's Christmas week! How is that possible?! Time suckage is occurring somewhere), before then there'll probably just be more JYC pages and probably the story of the torturous event that is putting up our Christmas decorations.


Saturday, 5 December 2009

JYC - 4th December

Today's prompt is all about what makes your Perfect Christmas. The last time I took part I wrote about all the little things that make my Christmas perfect. This year you know we only need one thing - good news from the tests that Egg and Dad are having next week. Health and Happiness, that'd do nicely thank you.

JYC - Dec 4th - Health and Happiness


Friday, 4 December 2009

JYC - 3rd December

Crikey, I haven't blogged this much in months! I wonder if I can keep it up?

Yesterday's JYC prompt was all about Christmas Cards. Time for my confession then. Every year I buy cards (much to Kendo's great disgruntlement, see previous JYC card entry about that one). I write them all out. Then I completely forget to send them. They invariably end up sitting on the mantlepiece until March when I will eventually give up and put them in the recycling box.

So, if you don't get a Christmas card from me, don't worry. It's not because I don't love ya. I'm just totally hopeless when it comes to posting them. Chances are there's one here waiting for you, should you want to pop round and collect it.....

JYC - Dec 3rd - Forgetting to post the cards

As it's Friday today I am revelling in my 2.5 hours of alone time this morning whilst Egg is at nursery. Unfortunately a vast amount of that time will be taken up by tackling Mt Washmore (again!) but at least I can enjoy a few moments of quiet contemplation.


Thursday, 3 December 2009

JYC - December 2nd

So, here we are. December 3rd already (only 22 days to go until the big day). Is anyone else still reeling about just how quickly this Christmas has snuck up on us? I'm honestly blown away every time I realise just how close it's getting. Time is flying by so fast, it's scary.

Yesterday's JYC prompt was about Winter Weather. Well, the winter weather so far around here has been pretty dreary. Rain, with some more rain, then a little bit of frost (that bit was okay), then some more rain, and then a bit more rain to go with our rain. Global warming sucks!

What I'd really like this year is some good snow. Ewan has never really seen a decent snowfall and I'd love for him to be able to get out in the snow and make snowmen and snowballs and snow angels. I know he'd love it. I don't rate the chances of getting it though. The last time we had any reasonable snow around here it wasn't even winter! It was April 2006, before Ewan was even born, and we woke up to an unexpected blanket of the white stuff. It was fabulous. We grabbed coats, boots and winter woolies and headed round to the local park where we spent a good two hours building snow men and messing around in the snow. It was a brilliant morning (and also made for some excellent Snow Day photos). Here's my JYC page:

JYC 2009 - S{no}w

I crocheted the little snowflake out of white embroidery thread with the pattern that Lucy has just posted on the Attic24 blog (We love Lucy! Might have mentioned that before).

I couldn't resist this opportunity to share these photos of Grace either. How small does she look in these photos? She's only 2 (bless her!). They just make my heart melt.

Grace in the snow April 2006

Grace in the snow April 2006

Grace in the snow April 2006

Making a Snowman

Right, back to work for me. Hey ho.


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

JYC - December 1st

The worst thing about taking part in the Journal Your Christmas project is that dark winter evenings do not make a good time to try to photograph your pages so you can blog them. It kind of means I always end up a day behind blogging my pages. Ah well. As my Dad would say "what can you do when your clogs let water in?", or something like that.

Anyhoo. Here's the first page from my JYC album for this year. Prompt one is to write a Manifesto, to talk about why you're taking part and what you want to achieve. It's a pretty simple page, but I've learnt from LSNED that that's the best way to go if I want to have a chance of finishing the class (I think I will have to forgo the handcut titles and come up with something else - that's way too time consuming).

JYC2009 - Dec 1st - Manifesto

I also must remember to put my page number in there! I totally forgot about that and had to find a spot for it on this one at the last minute! LOL. Hopeless I am.

Right, there's a rumbly in my tumbly so I'm heading off in search of sustenance.


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Blogger Unblocked

Do you see me here?

Do you see the time?

Do you remember this post?

It appears our IT services department have finally unblocked blogger access on the proxy server! Woo hoo!!

I have no idea how long it will last, but I will make the most of the opportunity while it lasts!

So, a good opportunity to catch you up with what's been going on in Cookieland of late. Some good stuff - like me having gotten all the Christmas shopping out of the way (woo hoo!), and Grace having her first Ballet Exam (well, actually a pre-primary ballet class presentation). Here she is before hand:


She looks super cute in her ballet uniform, although for some reason she will insist on pulling her skirt round so the label is in the middle, even though its supposed to go on the left hand side. OCD much?

They were graded on 8 points (including expression, music and rhythm, spacial awareness, control, awareness of body positions etc) and could be awarded either "Needs support", "Progressing" or "Competant" for each category. Gracie managed to come away with a grading of Competant across the board. Go Grace! So clearly she's doing something right in her class. We were so proud of her. She really listens well in her classes and takes on board what her dance teacher says. My little ballerina! Bless her.

Some of the other stuff that's been going on around here is not so good. You might remember a while back we had to take Ewan for knee and hip X-rays. Well after a good long wait we've finally heard back from the consultant at the children's hospital and we now have to take him for a whole body bone scan on Monday. The procedure involves an injection of radioactive isotopes and then milling around for 2 hours while it gets to where it needs to go, then the actual bone scan itself which can take 50 minutes. How are they going to get Egg to sit still for 50 minutes? I can't get him to sit still for 50 seconds! I guess we'll have to trust that they have plenty of practice with these things and have ways of dealing with it.

In the tradition of these things all coming along at once my Dad is also unwell at the moment and is waiting on a CT scan (amongst other tests) to see if he has developed colon cancer :( Not at all what you want to here, and certainly not a couple of weeks before Christmas. Fingers crossed that all the medically things come back with good news.

So, a mixed bag really. Some good, some not good. Ho Hum. Thus is the way of the world I suppose.

Right, I supposed I should consider actually doing some work (noting the vaguest possibility that the reason access was denied was because I spent too much time doing this before! LOL).

Back later with the first page of my JYC album (I hope).