Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Blogger Unblocked

Do you see me here?

Do you see the time?

Do you remember this post?

It appears our IT services department have finally unblocked blogger access on the proxy server! Woo hoo!!

I have no idea how long it will last, but I will make the most of the opportunity while it lasts!

So, a good opportunity to catch you up with what's been going on in Cookieland of late. Some good stuff - like me having gotten all the Christmas shopping out of the way (woo hoo!), and Grace having her first Ballet Exam (well, actually a pre-primary ballet class presentation). Here she is before hand:


She looks super cute in her ballet uniform, although for some reason she will insist on pulling her skirt round so the label is in the middle, even though its supposed to go on the left hand side. OCD much?

They were graded on 8 points (including expression, music and rhythm, spacial awareness, control, awareness of body positions etc) and could be awarded either "Needs support", "Progressing" or "Competant" for each category. Gracie managed to come away with a grading of Competant across the board. Go Grace! So clearly she's doing something right in her class. We were so proud of her. She really listens well in her classes and takes on board what her dance teacher says. My little ballerina! Bless her.

Some of the other stuff that's been going on around here is not so good. You might remember a while back we had to take Ewan for knee and hip X-rays. Well after a good long wait we've finally heard back from the consultant at the children's hospital and we now have to take him for a whole body bone scan on Monday. The procedure involves an injection of radioactive isotopes and then milling around for 2 hours while it gets to where it needs to go, then the actual bone scan itself which can take 50 minutes. How are they going to get Egg to sit still for 50 minutes? I can't get him to sit still for 50 seconds! I guess we'll have to trust that they have plenty of practice with these things and have ways of dealing with it.

In the tradition of these things all coming along at once my Dad is also unwell at the moment and is waiting on a CT scan (amongst other tests) to see if he has developed colon cancer :( Not at all what you want to here, and certainly not a couple of weeks before Christmas. Fingers crossed that all the medically things come back with good news.

So, a mixed bag really. Some good, some not good. Ho Hum. Thus is the way of the world I suppose.

Right, I supposed I should consider actually doing some work (noting the vaguest possibility that the reason access was denied was because I spent too much time doing this before! LOL).

Back later with the first page of my JYC album (I hope).