Thursday, 3 December 2009

JYC - December 2nd

So, here we are. December 3rd already (only 22 days to go until the big day). Is anyone else still reeling about just how quickly this Christmas has snuck up on us? I'm honestly blown away every time I realise just how close it's getting. Time is flying by so fast, it's scary.

Yesterday's JYC prompt was about Winter Weather. Well, the winter weather so far around here has been pretty dreary. Rain, with some more rain, then a little bit of frost (that bit was okay), then some more rain, and then a bit more rain to go with our rain. Global warming sucks!

What I'd really like this year is some good snow. Ewan has never really seen a decent snowfall and I'd love for him to be able to get out in the snow and make snowmen and snowballs and snow angels. I know he'd love it. I don't rate the chances of getting it though. The last time we had any reasonable snow around here it wasn't even winter! It was April 2006, before Ewan was even born, and we woke up to an unexpected blanket of the white stuff. It was fabulous. We grabbed coats, boots and winter woolies and headed round to the local park where we spent a good two hours building snow men and messing around in the snow. It was a brilliant morning (and also made for some excellent Snow Day photos). Here's my JYC page:

JYC 2009 - S{no}w

I crocheted the little snowflake out of white embroidery thread with the pattern that Lucy has just posted on the Attic24 blog (We love Lucy! Might have mentioned that before).

I couldn't resist this opportunity to share these photos of Grace either. How small does she look in these photos? She's only 2 (bless her!). They just make my heart melt.

Grace in the snow April 2006

Grace in the snow April 2006

Grace in the snow April 2006

Making a Snowman

Right, back to work for me. Hey ho.



humel said...

Eek, no - how few days???

Love your page, v clever title :-)

Lou said...

OMG, how cute and squishy does little Gracie look?!

Loving the page, me thinks the 12x6 format suits you! And that snowflake's fab! :)

April said...

Oh God I am so seriously behind!

OK, well good luck to all with the various health tests - am praying and crossing my fingers that all is well for Egg and your Dad.

Congrats to Gracie on the ballet exam - it seems like a million years since C did her pre primary!

Well done on the journalling it all looks fab.

We had major league snow in Feb this year - remember I broke my arm?? Am in no real hurry to see any more especially if it stops me seeing my gorgeous nephew :-)

Am afraid that so far Twilight has passed me by but C has a bit of thing for that Taylor fella!

I must be getting old


April xx