Monday, 14 December 2009

JYC December 8th and 9th

What did I say about it not taking me long to forget not to keep up with the JYCing? It's weekends that do it to me. I didn't scrap on Friday night because I fancied a night off, completely forgetting that I was going out with my good buddies Paula and Karen on Saturday night (thereby being unable to scrap then either). Last night the prospect of doing 3 pages after a day of dealing with a very grumpy, snotty, bunged up (the kid hadn't pooped since wednesday, what's that all about?) Ewan was just too much to bear so I didn't do any then either. Now I'm left with 4 pages to catch up with including today's prompt. Seriously, I never learn my own lessons. Crubbish I am.

Here's the pages from the 8th and 9th any way. The prompt for day 8 was about sights of the season. I've printed some photos on to acetate for this and then used small squares of Christmassy patterned paper.

JYC 2009 - December 8th - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

For the 9th the prompt was all about Christmas traditions. I wrote about general traditions last time so I thought for this time I would concentrate on one tradition from the list, this time it was New Pyjamas (which we always all have on Christmas Eve).

JYC 2009 - December 9th - New Pyjamas

Pretty simple pages (which is kind of the blessing of playing catch up - you can't be phaffing about with things too much).

I've scrapped a page for the 10th prompt about Christmas wrapping (but haven't photocopied it yet). Tonight I will try to catch up with prompt 11 (about the tree), prompt 12 (about Christmas Past), prompt 13 (about the music) and today's prompt about gifts.

Watch this space. Or not.



humel said...

Well, for a couple of quick catch up pages, they look beautiful - especially the Christmassy sights :-)

Lou said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pages hun. Am expecially loving the 8th DEec one and am nicking your letter tiles as we speak! :P

April said...

Hey - we always do new PJ's on Christmas Eve - It's so snuggly :-)

April xx