Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Playing Catch Up

I really should know better by now than missing a days scrapping when I'm doing an online class. I didn't scrap a page for the prompt on Saturday so I've been all out of sorts and playing catch up since then. I'm sure I'll forget about that important lesson and be at it again in no time though.

Anyway, before we get to the JYC pages a bit of an update on life in Cookieblogland. Yesterday we took Ewan to the hospital for his whole body bone scan. He was a little superstar all day long! He didn't cry at the radioactive isotope injection (all he said was "Ouch! You're hurting me!" in a very matter of fact voice before going back to reading his book) and he managed to lie still for 30 minutes while they did the actual scanning (courtesy of the radiographer's secret weapon.... Scooby Doo videos!). I was so proud of my little guy, such a trooper!

On the topic of Proud Mummy moments, I got another one of those for Miss Grace yesterday too. She came home from her karate class last night proudly toting yellow tips on her white belt as she's made the grade of 9th Kyu. Go Gracie!! Now she's caught up with Daddy who also made 9th Kyu this week (so congratulations to Kendo too :)).

I have a photograph of Gracie getting her certificate but it's proving elusive at the moment (won't upload from my phone at work, I will try to get the original off Kendo's later and upload it).

Both my kids get extra brownie points this week for being super fab!

Right, onto the JYC catch up.

The December 5th prompt was all about counting down to Christmas. I had to scrap about Gracie's latest "Gracie moment" with this one. Every time she asks us how long until Christmas on a Friday and we answer with "It's X weeks today" she conveniently doesn't hear the weeks part, only "to" and "day". At which point she starts saying "Is it only 2 days til Christmas??" and getting all excited! I think now she knows it's not only 2 days, but she thinks its funny to do it anyway. Strange child. Here's the page anyway:

JYC 2009 - 5th Dec - Is it only 2 days 'til Christmas?

For December 6th the prompt is about comparing a good and bad Christmas memory. I really struggled with this the first time round and ended up doing Christmas past and present. I've taken a different tack this time and scrapped about handmade gifts and how although I was quite good at making them last year, this year I've been rather lax (although I'm sure family members are breathing a sigh of relief at that piece of news!)

JYC 2009 - Dec 6th - Handmade

Yesterdays prompt (7th) was about organisation. This year I am WAY more organised than I've ever been. To the point that I'm actually scaring myself. I've bought all my presents with the exception of a couple of stocking fillers and not only are they bought, they're WRAPPED too. Usually I'm having a marathon scrapping session on Christmas Eve, but not this year. This year my Christmas Eve will be calm and relaxed and will hopefully involve wine and chocolates and James Stewart in the bestest Christmas movie in the world, ever.

JYC 2009 Dec 7th - To Do? Ta Da!

I have to say though, this is the least favourite of all the pages I've done so far. I'm not quite sure why. Something feels a little off with it. Ah well, it will have to stay as it is for now, no point stressing over it.

So. We're back at the hospital with Egg for his scan results on Tuesday 22nd December (can't believe that's only 2 weeks away...seriously! That's Christmas week! How is that possible?! Time suckage is occurring somewhere), before then there'll probably just be more JYC pages and probably the story of the torturous event that is putting up our Christmas decorations.



April said...

Glad that's over for Egg, well done to Gracie & Kendo.

I haven't managed any handmade pressies this year either, - apart from mini Christmas cakes.

I blame work and OFSTED :-(

April xx