Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Just Not Feeling It.

What can I say? I'm just not feeling the blogginess at the moment. I had high hopes that I would rediscover my inner avid blogger this year and get back to blogging regularly, but clearly I was mistaken. *SIGH*

This morning I've been musing over winter. This is what the view from my office window looks like this morning:


Brrrrrrrrr. It's very snowy, and very gloomy, and still snowing.

Looking back over my blog post from this time of previous years I'm noticing a definite theme. This is where I hit my mid-January funk. I love winter, I do. Dark nights and snuggling up in the warm house with a nice cuppa and a cosy blanket, but it's definitely the pre-Christmas festive winter that I love, not the post-Christmas...."Oh my God, is January not over yet?" period. I hate that part. It sucks. In fact, to quote a famous pointy haired yellow person - it manages to both suck and blow at the same time.

Even the snow has stopped being fun now. It's okay for the first few days when it's all lovely and fluffy and the kids get the have snow days and play in it making snowmen and having snowball fights, plus getting to drink these:

Hot chocolate


Eventually though, you have to suck it up and go back to work. Which means driving in the snow, or rather in the icy, slushy, slippery mess that's left of the snow. That part I can do without.

Enough of the bemoaning winter anyway. It's not like I can change the weather (because lets face it, if I could, I'd be one rich lady!). The other theme I noticed from the other January blues posts was I'd posted links to things that were going at least some way to cheering me up. So, these are the things I'm liking at the moment.

I'm totally loving this song, and the TV series that goes along with it:

I have a couple of the Sookie Stackhouse books sitting in my Amazon basket to be checked out come payday. I can't wait to read them. I'm also looking forward to series 2 of True Blood which is due to air in the UK soon.

This always makes me smile:

and I'm still gutted the soundtrack CD was in the car when all my CDs got stolen a while back (note to self: replace Juno album).

Then there's this:

I've been hearing this playing in the back ground of so many US shows lately. It drove me batty for a while because I knew I knew it but couldn't quite get to what it was. Then it hit me that its actually a cover of a Cure song. Being a bit of a Cure fan I wanted to hate it, on princple, but you know I really don't. I actually quite like it. A Lot. Shoot me now! LOL.

That's about it, although there is one thing I'm looking forward too. This was one of my Christmas presents this year:

I love Ree's Blog. It's one of the ones I've been reading since I first started blogged. It's very addictive. It makes me want to live in the country and raise cattle and a large gaggle of children! Although not at the moment, because they have even more snow that we do, and it's COLD there. Seriously cold. Not even snuggles from the lovely Charlie could make me want to live in that cold, it's bad enough here.

Anyway, Ree's cookbook was one of my Christmas presents (thanks big Sis!). When Kendo spotted it his response was "Yum! and also Noooooooo". The recipes I've tried of Ree's so far from her blog are delicious, but definitely not for anyone on anything remotely resembling a diet or healthy eating campaign. Browsing through the book I spotted the recipe for Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls. Be. Still. My, Heart. Mmmmmmm. I can't wait to try them - although I think I might come up against a bit of a sticky problem with the icing. It calls for maple essence - I'm not sure they even sell that in the UK, might have to settle for some vanilla instead. Ho hum.

Right then, I'm off for a mooch around Ravelry to see what projects I can find to start and not finished.



Tara said...

I made the Olive Cheese Bread one night (it's around page 200). My FIL (who is not a fan of olives) ate 4 pieces and announced that it was pretty good (snort). love. Like I would have married it if I could have. Not a good book to use if you want to lose weight, but YUM!

kim said...

I was tempted to buy that cookbook for myself this CHristmas. But maybe its good I passed since DH and I are supposedly trying to get healthier right now. But I'm with you on the midwinter lackluster energy and motivation. I can't wait for spring, and we haven't even had any snow yet (but its been cold). I just feel so much happier when I'm outside a lot and I am not an outdoor-in-the-cold type.

Lou said...

Oh hun, I agree, this winter stuff is starting to wear a little thin now. Is it too early for us to get on birthday countdown; maybe that would fend off some winter blues?

And my head says 'yes, bake cinnamon rolls and invite me over' but my arteries are screaming 'No!'. :P