Monday, 1 February 2010

Happily Uncoordinated.

Is there anybody out there???

Long time no blog again. I know. I seem to have misplaced my blogging mojo somewhere. Partly due, I think, to the fact that I haven't done anything crafty to show off of late. I've been taking my word of the year a little more seriously this year. My word was ACTION and I've definitely been more active, at least in terms of moving my bum off the sofa and actually doing something for a change.

Part of the driving force for all this health and fitness action is that I happened to get on the scales at the gym and realised (quite depressingly) that I am the heaviest I've ever been (even after the kids were born). Definitely time for me to do something about that before it becomes the norm rather than a blimp on the timeline of my waistline! So, I've been going to the gym at least three times a week (sometimes 5 if I can squeeze it in), I've been watching what I eat carefully (no more chowing down on jumbo sized bags of co-op sea salt and malt vinegar crisps (they are my down fall!) or homemade cupcakes (they'll have to be reserved for special occasions). You know what though? I'm starting to feel great. My fitness level is rising every week (when I started back that the gym my active heart rate was through the roof, but I see it coming down every time I train which is a sure sign of progress) and my trousers weren't quite so snug this morning when I got dressed for work. Phew!

Another big part of the action plan is taking karate classes. I never, in a googloplex years (can you tell I'm reading this book at the moment? You probably can if you've read it) thought I would ever take up a martial art. Especially not at the ripe old age of 33! You know what though - I totally love it! I went along initially because Kendo was going and I thought it would be an okay way to add to my keep fit plan. I never expected to enjoy it quite so much but the teachers are amazing, the class is adults only so the pace is quite quick and as there are 4 black belts (2 Sensai's and 2 Sempai's) and 4 or 5 lower belts we're practically getting one on one tuition, which rocks!

I did struggle the first couple of weeks getting my head round the whole kicking and punching thing. It's not something that came naturally to me (I can't say I'm used to spending my time deliberately inflicting damage on things!) so it's taken me a while to let loose with the punches and kicks on the pads. After a couple of months though I'm finally getting it (I think) and I officially no longer punch and kick like a girl! Hurrah!

I was really please a few weeks ago when I made my first grading (9th Kyu - yellow tips on your white belt) but I was even more chuffed with myself to come out of the dojo with this last night:

Both Kendo and I made our 8th Kyu grading to yellow belt. Our belts officially do not match our Gi's! I can't tell you how exciting it is to be happily uncoordinated! It's an amazing feeling to get your grading. Ridiculous really, but it's a physical sign of someone saying "hey, you know what, you're actually doing okay at this". A recognition for hard work, that you're actually learning something, improving at something. It doesn't take much to make me happy I guess. It's also nice that Kendo and I have finally found something we can actually go together (do you remember the ill-fate salsa classes? Eek! Fortunately rhythm isn't really a pre-requisite for martial arts!)

The great thing about the karate school we learn with is that the Sensai doesn't believe there should be a time scale on when you can reach your grading. A lot of schools have a minimum attendance for gradings (i.e. you have to have been coming for 3 months before you get yellow tips, 4 months before you can get your yellow belt etc). Fortunately our Sensai see's that as a bit of a money making exercise, which isn't what our school is all about. That means if you know the stuff you need to know, you get the grading. Simple as. Definitely a philosophy I can live with.

I'm still not quite sure what possessed me to let the entire family take up an activity that involves wearing a white uniform made of 100% cotton that you can only wash on a cool wash which is an absolutely bitch to iron though. What was I thinking??



kim said...

I took Tae Kwon Do for a few months at the end of college and LOVED it! I think its awesome that you are all doing something like this together. And good for you on the movement! I need to get up off the couch. I'm typically pretty active but this winter has really done me in!

Tara said...

Sea salt and malt vinegar chips?

I can't even describe the love.

Well done on that new belt Miss Ek!

April said...

well done you - somehow I can see you doing karate!!!

I have a serious lack of blogging mojo at the moment too and don;t know how to get over it!!

Ho hum

April xx

甜點的一天 said...

憂能傷身,保重哦! ....................................................