Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Grey Skies and Holidays

Hi there. Long time no blog. How're you all doing? I've missed there anyone there???.........

Ah well. I shall blog on regardless (as always ;)).

It's a horrible grey, rainy, sleety, cold, horrible day here today. See, this is what my office window looks like:

I can hear the wind howling around the building. It's pretty spooky actually. Ordinarily when it's this windy there's less howling of the wind because it's pretty much asborbed by the bodies of the couple of hundred students that are trudging about the place, but as it's the Easter break and they're all at home (probably tucked up in nice warm beds, the pesky little blighters) there is much wind whistling and howling going on.

It's quite depressing actually. To be the only person in the whole building apart from the chap who's polishing the floors with one of those big scary looking floor buffer thingies. There are other people in the college but they're all based in a different building. So there's only little old me. Sat here. Twiddling my thumbs. I've done all the work I had to do. Bored now.

I have brought a little of this to keep me entertained:

Which would be a little bit (well, actually quite a lot) of hooky hexagon action from Lucy's pattern over at Attic24 (am I ever going to crochet anything from any other pattern source again? Possibly not!). The trouble with crocheting at my desk when I should be working is that there is always the possibilty that someone might come up to the office. In which case I'd have to explain why I'm not actually working but rather creating yarny hexy goodness. I can't really start with the crochet until about 12 o'clock - that way, I can just say I'm on my lunch break should anyone appear....... I can pretty much get away with that until 2pm. Sneaky. I like it.

In the meantime this morning I've been Youtubing some tunes to keep myself entertained. Earlier it was songs from one of my fave all time movies - Reality Bites. Including these fabulous little ditties:

The fantastic U2. Gotta love a bit of Bono on a grey March day.

Lisa Leob. What gives with those glasses?

Big Mountain. The Frampton version kind of irks me a little. Don't know why.

And my personal favourite??:

I challenge you to not be singing THAT all day long now :)

Then I moved on to a bit of a 60s battle of the bands morning. Alternating between these guys:


And these guys:

Also genius!

How can one possibly choose between the two? I think I might have to spend the next 45 minutes checking out the back catalogue of both bands. Excellent tunage.

Right, on that note, it's time for me to venture out into the windswept hallway to make a nice cup of tea, which I shall be having with my mid-morning snack of peanut butter and apple. Delish.



April said...


I'm still here - just about, think now that Mum's wedding is over I may be able to get back to reading blogs and maybe do some posts of my own!

Glad all is well with you

Happy Easter

April xx