Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Place Your Bets.

I had a rather interesting little exchange with Miss Grace this morning. After some discussions about them needing to find words that have a “PH” sound in them for their letters and sounds group at school. It went something like this:

Grace: Some of my friends said “Phineas” from Phineas and Ferb, but that doesn’t start with a “PH” it’s a “F”.

Me: No Grace, Phineas starts with a “PH”.

Grace: No, it’s a “F”.

Me: No, it’s a “PH” it just sounds like an “F”.

Grace: It’s an “F”.

Me: Okay, let’s have a bet.

Grace: What’s a bet?

Me: It’s were I say one thing and you say something else and if I’m right you have to give me something, and if you’re right I have to give you something.

Grace: I’m not giving you money*

Me: Okay. If I win, you have to give me one hour of peace and quiet, at a time when I choose.

Grace: What about if I win?

Me: I’ll take you to the park.

Grace. Okay, but I know I’m right.

So, scene set. Off we trooped down the stairs to put the TV on and check on Phineas and Ferb. Low and behold. It’s a “PH” not an “F”. There was much Gracie pouting. She’s not amused.

Me?........ I’m happily pondering when I’m going to request my hour’s worth of peace and quiet.

Must remember this one for future reference! Not that I’d be one to encourage gambling in children, but you’ve got to take the advantage while you can!!


*A girl after my own heart!


kim said...

I love it! And am glad that I'm not the only one with a kid who always insists that she is right, even when she's just told me she doesn't know much about the topic.

April said...

Brilliant! I had a recent conversation with a music teacher friend of mine as we were bemoaning standards in pronounciation with our young singers and she told me that some of her students (16-19) think that Northampton is spelt NortFampton!!!and simply can't pronounce TH when singing!!

April xx