Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Image stolen borrowed from Here

I'm not quite sure how it's happened. I'm sure the last time I looked it was June....yes.... definitely June. Yet here were are in November. Half way through November, in fact. Can someone please tell me where this year has gone?

I know where it's not gone.

It's not gone on scrapbooking.
Or knitting.
Or crotchet.
Or sewing.
Or baking.
Or taking photographs.
Or indeed and of the other crafty things I used to do with my time in a previous existance.

A lot of it went on one of these:

And even more of it was passed wearing one of these:

(although not with that coloured belt....... at least, not yet anyway!)

Which you'd know all about if you've spent any time reading over Here.

I only know that it's gone and now there's not much time left until Chr......... OOPS! I almost say it. I almost said the "C" word. That's not allowed to be uttered until December 1st. Miss Lou has decreed it so (and I have to say, I'm with her on this one).

So, despite the fact that I'm not allowed to talk about that event that happens on 25th December every year, that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it. Preparations are well underway round at Chez Cookie. I'm nearly finished with present shopping. All the ones I have are wrapped and secreted away in hidey-holes away from prying small people eyes. I have a turkey crown (safetly tucked away in Mum's chest freezer) and I have a plan for the decorations (I just need to do battle with the boxes in the loft). We're having purple and gold with our black tree this year to match my lubbly new living room colour scheme.

I'm planning hoping to have all the shopping out of the way for the first of December then I can spend the run up to the big day more relaxed and doing all sorts of enjoyable festive (I nearly said the C-word again then!) things such as baking yummy cookies and mince pies and other such loveliness. There are lots of events going on in our town this year so I'm hoping we can get the kids out to those and really start to get into the spirit of things.

And maybe. Hopefully. If I can find a few minutes every day. I might try to play along with this project again. We'll see.

Hope your preparations are going well. Hopefully it won't be 6 months before I next make it round to PTC posting!