Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Can It Be Spring Now Please?

It's that time of year again.

Mid-January (well, actually almost end of January, I'm a little late this year) always signals the end of my "winter-is-good-with-the-snuggling-inside-in-the-warm-and-Christmas-and-all-things-festive" mood and the start of my "can't-it-just-get-to-spring-already" mood.


And here.

And here.

Every year without fail I find myself in this same mood. I'm nothing if not predictable (well, unless you count the randomly taking up martial arts at the ripe old age of 33....because seriously, no-one saw that one coming! ;) ).

It's not just me though, other people are at it too.

So. I will go with tradition and instead of dwelling on the dark and gloomies I will think about somethings that are making me smile at the moment.

This song:

isn't failing to make me smile whenever I hear it right now.

I'm loving Season 2 of this on the TV:

Sue Sylvester is just a genius character and Brittany S.Pierce... OMG she has be howling with laughter with everything line. Love it!

The new one of these:in my living room is making me grin a lot too (is it weird to be excited about fitness equipment? I think probably, yes).

So it's not all bad. There's bright spots to the gloomy month of January, and soon it will be February, which means that Spring is practically round the corner. Phew. We're almost there!


Monday, 17 January 2011

The End of The Beginning.

I had started on a post entitled "Welcome to 2011". Unfortunately it sat in my drafts box for two weeks unfinished. Now it doesn't really seem appropriate to be posting New Year's greetings...being that we're almost to the end of the beginning of 2011. That is to say we're past the middle, which is nearer to the end than the beginning.

Instead I'll just move on to what the unposted post was about. My One Little Word for this year. Previous years words have been:

2008 - SIMPLE

2009 - BALANCE

2010 - ACTION

I usually try to focus my aims for the year around these goals. Quite apt then that I've decided my One Little Word for 2011 will be....


You may have noticed (or not) that posting around the Cookie blog have been some what sporadic this past year. It's safe to say that my contribution to the world of crafty goodness has been minimal (I think I've managed about 2 scrapbook layouts, and I'm still working on the only crochet project that I started all year).

The focus of my energies and of my free (hah!) time over the last 12 months change dramatically from always filling my time with something crafty, to always filling my time with something fitness related. That's right. I became a fitness bore. In particular? I became (and still am) a KARATE bore!

If any of you have dared wander over to the dark side the Cookie Family Karate blog then you'll know that since I took up a place at Grace's karate school last November I've been working hard at my karate training and at uncovering information about the whole new world that is Martial Arts.

I've recently moved all my crafty supplies out of our conservatory (what was my craft room, but did indeed prove to be way too damp a place to keep anything paper related) and into our new insulated/boarded out loft space. I could protentially craft up there if it came to it, but if I'm being honest with myself I don't see me getting back to regular crafting any time soon.

Instead, my focus for most my time will be on family, on home, on work, on finances (and getting us through the financial crisis in something resembling one piece!) and my free time (what there is of it) will continue to be focused on fitness, and on karate (never thought you'd here my saying a million years!). I will try to post more often on here but it will most likely be family stuff rather than crafty stuff. Although the stuff my kids get up to is enough to keep anyone amused, I'm sure.

I've managed to progress up to blue belt/red tip in my karate school this year. I work hard training 2 days a week (soon to be three - hurrah) and putting in time training at home with Kendo. I'm looking forward to seeing more progress this year. To continuing to get better in all areas of my karate studies, to improve as an instructor (I've been assisting with Grace's class which I just love) and maybe (hopefully?) seeing some more gradings under (on?) by belt before the year is out.

So. That's it for now. 2011 in Cookie blog land is the year of focus.

Welcome to 2011 (a little late).