Monday, 16 May 2011

Did You See The Size of That Chicken?*

Oh, it has been a while. Three months in fact. Wow. I remember a time when I used to blog everyday......oh for the days of SAHMness. *SIGH*

Ah well.

I thought I'd come and share the news of the latest additions to the Cookie family. A little while ago (about 9 months or so), we inherited a chicken coop from some friends of ours who had upgraded theirs. It sat in the garden with a tarp over it for months gathering slugs and spiderwebs and other insecty type adornments. After a visit to said friends over the Bank holiday period (and an introduction to their new chickens) we decided we'd bite the bullet and finally put the coop to some use. We'd made the decision we would get some hens come September.

When I returned to work after the bizillionth bank holiday weekend I found an email had arrived in my inbox from a collegue who's cousin had rescued some battery hens and was looking to rehome them. Divine Providence? We thought so to and so three of those ex-batt hens have come to live out the rest of their days hopefully at lot happier around at Chez Cookie.

We've had them a little over a week now and they've settle in beautifully. So, without further ado let me introduce you to our new girls:

First we have McQueenie (top of the pecking over and the escape artist of the group):


Next, in the middle we have Ruby:


And last but by no means least we have Iron Chicken (or I.C for short) - yes, this is what you get when you ask your 4 year old son to name his own chicken!:


They're pretty well feathered for Ex-batts and are amazingly tame. They'll happily come to investigate and stay a while. If you hang around long enough Ruby will practically sit on your knee!

They've even been gifting us with some yummy eggs (we thought they might go off lay for a while with all the moving commotion) which are definitely the BESTEST eggs I've ever tasted.....although I could well be accused of being a little biased. Maybe.

I've really come to love these ladies over the past week. They entertain me no end with their chickeny antics. I haven't even minded the poop scooping so much (although I'm sure having to go out there in the winter will be a real test of just how endearing they can be. If they can still win me over then they'll be lucky!).

So. Welcome to our new lovely ladies. Here's to make happy hen moments for them (and for us).


*if you didn't get this reference, you should totally watch this clip: