Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Back in the Scrapping Saddle

So, it's been a while. Of late though I've felt ticklings of scrapbooking mojo re-emerging. Lots to do with this lady, who inspires me greatly with her endless enthusiasm for all things scrappy.

Also to do with this lady, who has been endlessly cranking out great scrapbooking pages to keep me entertained while I've been out of the scrapping game.

I do have to confess that whilst my mojo is somewhat returned it has been greatly dependant on a helping hand of late (in the form of sketches, classes and scraplifts). I like to think of it as easing myself back in gently :)

As promised then, the latest layouts from Chez Cookie:

He loves me He loves me Not

He loves me He loves me not Title Close up

(This one is actually from a last year but I haven't posted it yet *slapped wrists*)

BeWILDer Wood LO

(This one is based on Shimelle's Sketch to scrapbook page from 29th June. Photos from our holiday in Norfolk in April)

A Spin on the Teacups LO

A Spin on the Teacups Title Close up

A Spin on the Teacups Embellie close up

(This is based on Shimelle's 4x6 photo love class for June. Random collection of photos of Gracie on the teacups. If you look closely at the other little lady accompanying Grace in the photo on the left you just might recognise her from here.)

And last but not least:

First Scalextric LO

(Based on this LO by Shannon Tidwell from the Products you love every which way class for June).

My new found scrapping led to a bit of a reprimand from Mr K in that I haven't scrapped any where near as many photos of Ewan as I have of Grace (second child syndrome I'm afraid *bad mummy slap*). So, my scrapping effort for the foreseeable future will involve all things boyish and lots of tales of the Eggman.



Angel Jem said...

Have you taken as many photos? We found that no.1 had hundreds, no.2 was in the tens and no.3 had a few. And since she was a girl, she's nicked the best of them for her own books!