Thursday, 14 July 2011

Swirls and Sprinkles

Two posts. Two days. WOW. It's a miracle!

And what's warranted another post so soon? Well, I've been spending a lot of time over on this last few weeks and I've been totally inspired by the awe worthy collection of cupcake images over there. Seriously, some of them are just TOO gorgeous looking.

Take these for example (one of my absolute faves):

What is not to love about those cupcakes, I ask you?

So, inspired by all the pinterest cupcake lovliness, and in response to a request from Mr K for baking for his co-workers I dutiful dusted off the muffin tins and cupcake papers and set to it.

Nothing ground breaking in terms of newness. Devil's food cupcakes from here (my go to recipe for chocolate cupcakes) and a test out of this frosting recipe from I am Baker. I used half shortening and half butter. I really, really, REALLY like this frosting recipe. I think I ate half of it from the bowl before it even got to the cakes! LOL. What I love about it most is that the shortening means its white (I find when I make butter cream with all butter it's always got a bit of a yellowish ting which I don't really like). This worked great, would have piped better if it wasn't so bloomin' hot here too.

Without futher ado then. Cupcakes, with swirls and sprinkes. Delicious and beautiful, what more can you want in a cupcake..... well.... calorie free maybe? Can't guarantee that though, sorry ;)

Spirls and Sprinkles Cupcakes

Don't they look lovely? Want one? Here you just for you:

Enjoy :)

Swirls and sprinkles cupcakes



Lou said...

Yum, thanks for the cyber cake hun (probably a good job it's cyber too, I just had to undo my waistband reading this post! :P). Have to ask though, what the chuff's shortening?

Unknown said...

It's like solid vegetable oil (think lard only non meaty). Trex is probably the most famous one but I used a different brand from Tesco's because that's all they had.

Lou said...

Aha, I always wondered what Trex was! May follow your lead next time I need to frost some cake-type thing. x

Kate said...

YUMMY looking cakes! And lovely to see you back scrapping too :-)

Angel Jem said...

Thanks for the cake. It tasted lovely. I've got to say the cakes off pinterest have got me.... polka dot cupcakes??? I'm off to bake...

Controlling My Chaos said...

Yummo. Thanks for the cupcake. It was just what I needed and it hit the spot. Actually, no it didn't. And now I have an insatiable cupcake craving. And there are no bakeries open at 11:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. I checked. :(