Tuesday, 6 December 2011

JYC 2001 - December 5th: Christmas Countdown

There was a whole different kind of Christmas Countdown going on at Chez Cookie last night. Yes, the kids are merrily counting down the days with their chocolate advent calendar (because despite all my craftiness I am clearly incapable of EVER making a reusable one - not that they're complaining, because lets face it, who doesn't want a Cadburys chocolate every morning after breakfast for 24 days?) but I was counting down the seconds on an Ebay auction.

What might be so exciting and Christmassy about this Ebay auction you might ask. Was it a Christmas present? A fabulous toy for the kids? Something blingy and exciting for my Christmas stocking? No. It was somewhere to actually PUT the Christmas stockings!

The year before last my lovely FIL took out our old, decrepit heating system and fitted us a nice, shiny, new, super energy efficient combo boiler. As the old one was a back boiler behind the fire in the living room that meant as the boiler went, so did the fire (and the fireplace). Now we hadn't used the fire in about 5 years so it wasn't an epic loss, and I did loathe the brick monsterosity of the fireplace that was there, but it did present one problem. Last Christmas, there was nowhere for me to hang the Christmas stockings :(

This year I've decided that we need a fireplace back. The living room is just missing something without one. So that's what I was bidding on. A lovely wooden firesurround for the living room....... so I'll have somewhere to hang my stockings. Is that a bit overboard just for Christmas decorations??? I think not :) The good news is I won, and for the bargain price of £9.99. I just need to get round to picking it up and find something for a hearth, and drag the mantle decorations out, and find the stocking, and the money to buy a fire!



Daisie said...

oooh, very excited for you!!! Lovely when a plan comes together, good old ebay :)