Monday, 12 December 2011

JYC 2011 - December 10th: (Definitely No) Christmas Wrapping.

No time for JYCing at the weekend (even with the mobile blogging) it would seem.

This weekend particularly there's been little time. Mostly because there's been one very special Christmas present arriving at Chez Cookie this week. One that definitely came with no wrapping!

Meet the latest members of the Cookie family:

This is Opal (the tabby) and Loki (the ginger). They are 17 weeks old and totally bonkers! Our current cat, Scully (who is a grumpy, old lady cat) is less than amused by the new arrivals We're hoping she'll come round in a few days.

In the meantime Opal and Loki have been making themselves well at home. Exploring every inch of the living room (including the top of the bookshelves and the widescreen TV (eek!). They are so loveable and cuddly, the kids just adore them. Loki has even been assisting with Kendo's University work. He's very helpful, see:

While he was expanding his brain Opal was busy catch up on some much needed Kitten Zzzzzz's:

All that exploring and stalking your brother really takes it out of you!

So, not a very Christmassy JYC post for the 10th, but I had to share our new babies with you all. Sorry about the tenous wrapping paper link (that was the prompt for the day!).

Back with more tales of kitten madness soon I'm sure. They're home alone today while I'm at work.... God knows what they're doing to my Christmas tree while I'm gone!!