Wednesday, 14 December 2011

JYC 2011 - December 14th: Christmas Presents.

Ordinarily at this point I have already written my own Christmas list, shopped for my own presents, wrapped them and haranged my husband into writing the tags (I have to draw the line somewhere!). To be honest, it never bothers me. At least I know I'm getting things I want and will use and its much less stress for him having to think about what to buy (not to mention trying to fit shopping in amongst the ridiculous hours he works!).

In his defense I am in charge of the budgeting around here so usually he doesn't know when the Christmas budget is available for spending or indeed how much it is. This year some extra hours and bonuses at work meant he had pennies to spend and I was more than happy to provide a "Dear Santa" list of things I might like to see in my stocking. I know what I sent on the list but I don't know exactly what he's bought. I'm looking forward to having a nice surprise when I open my presents Christmas morning for a change. I think I could get used to this arrangement.



Katie said...

I'm enjoying your JYC posts - just not got much time to comment lately. I'm doing a very simplified version this year of printing photos and writing on them!
Have fun opening your pressies to see what you've got!