Thursday, 15 December 2011

JYC 2011 - December 15th: Visitors.

Christmas visiting. Ahhhh. Neither my husband nor I are good with the whole visiting thing but it's Christmas and there are people to see and who want to see us (well, want to see the kids anyway ;)). We have our Christmas visiting schedule and it hasn't changed much in 7 years. Off to my parents after presents and breakfast at home (not like its much of a trek though as it's next door!). Back home for Christmas lunch then off to the In-laws for a bit (Santa's really good to my kids, he delivers to grandparents houses too (both sets!!)). Back home to "next door Nanny's" for Christmas tea then home. Boxing day it's back to the in laws for MILs roast dinner (roast lamb - nom nom nom).

This year my Mum is particulary excited about Christmas visiting. My sister and her partner and my two nephews are coming up on Christmas Eve and staying until the day after boxing day. Whilst that means (coupled with the other waifs and strays she collected who would otherwise be alone on the big day) that she'll have 14 people for Christmas dinner she couldn't be happier. All her kids and grandkids under one roof.

Thankfully we're past the age where we feel the need to pick on one another and cause fights all the time.........I think ;)



kim said...

I didn't know you ever got past the age where you want to pick a fight, at least here and there :) My brothers and I still know how to push each others buttons, all in good fun, of course.