Friday, 2 December 2011

JYC 2011 - December 2nd: Winter Weather

The "winter"weather this year seems unseasonable warm. I blame the fact the my lovely husband went out and bought a car (to use for his commute to work instead ofhis motorbike) on the basis that the UK Met office told us we'd have snow comeOctober. So, clearly, lesson #1 NEVER believe what the Met office tells you! Wehaven't seen a sniff of a snow flake and it's barely gotten to freezing even at this point in December.

The weather for today? A positively balmy (for this time of year) 7 degrees..... and set to be even warmer tomorrow.

When it comes to the weather I'm a fickle creature. I love the snow, but only for the first day of excitement and fun. I soon lose any desire for it when it's turned to grey slush then refrozen and I have to attempt to drive on it! I don't much care for the rain, unless I'm tucked up snuggly in the house with the heating on, then I could listen to rain and storms all night.

I was hoping for a little snow this year, mostly because the kids just love it so much. It's so much fun to see their faces when they realise that it's snowed and they can't wait to get outside for some snowball/snowman/snow angel action.

Last year we had the most excellent snowfall in January (Miss G loved it.... until it interfered with her birthday celebrations!).

The local park was transformed to a winter wonderland:


and the kids had tonnes of fun playing in the snow both in the park (amidst the blizzard!) and in my parents garden:




Unfortunately we had to wait until January for our snow last year. I'm secretly hoping we'll get to have at least a little snowy fun over the actual Christmas period this year. For me it really does make the whole thing that little bit more Christmassey. The biggest benefit to a day in the snow though? A perfect excuse to indulge in a guilt free one of these:

Nom. Nom. Nom. :)
Here's hoping for some of the white stuff before the Big day.


Lou said...

I so want to be at your house next time it snows, that park looks amazing! Oh and the post-snow hot chocolate looks pretty good too! ;)

Janelle said...

I never believe the weatherman, he always lies! Your kids (and the snowman) are so cute! Great winter pictures.

Anonymous said...

I am with you - like the idea of snow much more than the reality! That hot chocolate looks lovely.

Unknown said...

Funny how men use the weather as an excuse for a new vehicle - I have one like that as well!! Fantastic snowman and that hot chocolate yummy.