Monday, 5 December 2011

JYC 2011 - December 4th: A Perfect Christmas.

My good friend Louise and I went on our annual Twilight movie pilgrimage yesterday (we have a tradition of meeting at a cinema in between our two houses (about a 100 mile round trip for each of us) to spend some quality time scoffing Ben and Jerrys and drooling over scrumptious shirtless werewolves (so very wrong when you're practically old enough to be his mother! LOL).

Anyhoo.... over our obligatory Christmassey lattes we also had a discussion about December 4ths JYC prompt and how you can only write so many times about what your "Perfect" Christmas is like. Lou has taken a different tactic this year and gotten her DD to write down what would be her perfect Christmas. Mine hasn't changed much since I scrapped this page in 2007:

So, rather than rehash the whole thing I thought I would take today to ponder one element of it, my favourite Christmas movie. Now, I'm not generally one for black and white films. As a rule they usually don't float my cinematic boat, but I do have to make an exception when it comes to "It's a Wonderful Life". I totally love this movie, Jimmy Stewart is fab in that swarve fabulous forties kind of a way (what it it about me in suits and hats?) and I think the story is the perfect Christmas tale. I think there's a point for all of us when we wonder why we bother doing the daily grind but this film at its heart shows us just how much the smallest things we do can have an impact on other people. It also gives us food for thought over striving to make the decisions and actions we do make in life positive ones (as every action we take has an affect on others).

I do try to make the effort to watch this movie on Christmas Eve but the last few years things have conspired against me (mostly poorly small people I seem to recall... why do my kids insist on getting sick on Christmas Eve??). This year I'm going to attempt to watch it earlier..... hopefully I'll get to settle down with a nice glass of something festive and some lovely chocolates and just enjoy the black and white festiveness (even though I don't do black and white I still can't bring myself to watch the colourised version that's on my DVD. It just seems wrong!).

I'll leave you with a little clip then. Always remember.... no man is a failure who has friends :)



Lou said...

That's my Christmas Eve movie too (though I am still torn between that and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation as my fave Xmas movie!). Am thinking of watching it with Em this year, think she's old enough now to appreciate the Jimmy Stewart message! ;)

kim said...

Another Jimmy Stewart fan here (although I love lots of other black and white movies, too). When I found out that this was one of DH's favorite movies as well, I knew I could marry him :) We try to watch it sometimes that week before Christmas (and it seems since having kids, I always fall asleep in the middle, but wake up in time to get a good cry in at the end).