Friday, 20 April 2012

Finding the Gratitude

A little while ago I linked to the website of Aussie based Mum I know from the Baby Whisperer Forums (the lovely Deb from Home Life Simplified).

One of the things Deb is advocating is trying to nurture an "Attitude of Gratitude". With recent events around here it would be easy to just say that I can find little to be grateful for but to be honest I think there's been enough negative stuff going on around here of late. A little positive thinking might just go a long way to improving the mood.

So, with that in mind, today I am grateful for:

1) My Dad and the fact that he is really trying hard with getting on with his life. He's essentially lost his soulmate (my parents were together for over 50 years) but he is still getting up every day, dealing with looking after my brother, collecting my kids from school. He's doing an amazing job (when I think some days he'd rather just curl up in bed and waste away).

2) My Father in Law and the fact that he loves a good DIY project and so is happily undertaking some at our house. The kitchen rejunvenation project I mentioned in my previous gratitude post is now underway. All very exciting.

3) My weight, in a weird sort of way. At the moment I have joined weightwatchers (again) as I have put back on just over a stone of the all the weight I had lost last year. I'm strangely grateful that I live in a place where worrying about being overweight is even a possibility because it means that I've had more than enough food to keep me sustained. Plenty of people in the world aren't so lucky.

You can help a little with that should you wish by going here:

To The Hunger Site. Clicking on the yellow button and donating some food to feed hungry people in Africa and the US. It's free and only take a minute of your time.

4) Reconnecting with old friends. I mentioned the Babywhisperer forum before. I haven't actually been an active member there for sometime (for several reasons). I have really missed some of the people I knew from that forum. Even though we only knew each other online we followed the day to day of each others lives for a long time. This week I received a Facebook message from one of those ladies to say that had started a new forum and inviting me to join. It's been lovely to reconnect with a lot of my old Babywhisperer buddies. Many of us are friends on facebook but sometimes it hard to keep up with people on there.

5) My Sister in laws. They're bonkers, the both of them. They're also turning 40 and 30 respectively this month. It's a strange thing to be thankful for but they're having a big get together, which pretty much means I get to see all my favouritest people in once place for a change. I can't wait for a catch up.

6) Making more time for doing things I love.  I have cut down on some commitments that I had in place. That leaves more time to do other stuff that I enjoy. I'm hoping to get back to a little scrapbooking. To spend so more time doing stuff outdoors with the kids (if the stupid British weather permits it!). To get some running in. To do some gardening. Basically just to do the things that make me smile.

See, all is not lost (even though there are times at the moment it feels that way). Positive thinking, it's the way to go.



Deb @ inner compass designs said...

Those are some good gratefuls Marie! I have to get my act together tomorrow and sign up at the forum and connect again - i so miss the "old days"

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