Friday, 29 June 2012

Daydreaming Of A Different Life

This last week I've been daydreaming of another life. Somewhere very different from where we live now. Somewhere far away. Somewhere I've always harboured a desire to live* (as has my husband).

I've been thinking about a life here:

This week it's been even more specifically about a life here:

This is the small, New England harbour town of Camden, Maine, USA.

I've never been there. I don't know anyone who lives there, but I'm harbouring dreams of small town life in a place that's half a world away.

Look, isn't it beautiful:

What's not to love?

Some beautiful clapboard houses to choose from. Like this one maybe. Or perhaps this one if we were feeling a little more flush.

I'm daydreaming about sunny days by the harbour, beautiful autumn (fall) walks, snowy New England winters. Clearly I'm dreaming about living in the movie version of the town. I've no real illusions that living our life in Camden would be any less tedious eventually than living our lives in St Helens. Ultimately a move there is never going to be a realistic possibility (barring that ever ellusive lottery win). We could never afford to relocate so far and when it came to the crunch I'm not sure I could leave everything and everyone I know to move over 3000 miles away. 

I can dream though. No financial considerations can restrict that activity. Thank goodness!


*I feel I must add that whilst I've always loved the idea of living in Maine that definitely does not include living here, because that's where all the scary things live. Good job its entirely fictional really.


Tara said...

Fine by me...that way you'd be THAT much closer, and we could meet. Though something tells me it would open a wormhole, what with our Doppleganger-y selves being in such close proximity and all...

Kat said...

Totally understand that, I would love to live there, too ... at least from the pictures. :)

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