Monday, 28 January 2013


A strange thought occurred to me this morning.

Perhaps not everyone exists in a constant state of feeling somewhat overwhelmed?

Maybe that's not normal?



On a completely separate note.After years of doing battle with double point needles completely unsuccessfully (I find it somewhat likened to juggling an inebriated hedgehog!) I finally managed to gain control of them long enough to produce my first ever pair of handknit socks.

I'm quite proud of them, it has to be said. Hopefully they'll be as comfy as they look.

A short but socky interlude into the weirdness that is my life these days.



BBat50 said...

I think that there really are two sorts of people: those that are constantly in a state of panic about being overwhelmed. And those that actually have some inner peace and are often centered.

I've had friends who took a special interpersonal seminar at a very high powered business schools (Stanford, if I recall) where people confided in their group about their actual inner thoughts. More than half seemed to be in a constant state of fear living in dread of being discovered. Others not. And nobody seemed able to predict which was which, even among close friends!!!!

John, a Black Belt at 50