Friday, 18 October 2013

Little Work Frustrations

  • There is a fly in my office. It is making me nuts and refuses to leave despite the fact that I have all the windows open to allow it to make a bid for freedom. It's cold outside too. Dumb fly.

  • The students on my programmes are completely incapable of using a lavatory. They either pee on the seat or don't flush it when they're done. Makes me insane. How hard is it?

  • People in management positions who get paid a whack of money to make decisions and then ask me what to do. Its not my job, I don't get paid for that. Make a goddamn decision already.

  • The mess on my desk which feels insurmountable. I'm basically just moving piles around in an effort to look something vaguely resembling organised. Hoping no one notices the total disarray!

  • Students who knock like bailiffs. My desk is 4 feet from the door, do you think I can't hear you?

Definitely time for a cup of tea. Probably a biscuit too. It's Friday after all.



kim said...

You're posting again! Yay for posts, even if it means work is annoying :)