Thursday, 24 July 2014

P333 Weeks Six and Seven: Changing things up

There's been this funny bright orb in the sky around here of late. Not used to seeing much of that in the UK, even in the summer and it's been hot, hot, hot the last few weeks.
The expectedly nice weather and the fact that I've gone over to a casual wardrobe for my work days has meant something of a switch out in the P333 wardrobe.
These treasures are relegated to the back of the wardrobe for the minute:

To be replaced by these things:

Given the standard British summer weather I'm sure it won't be long before the sunshine departs and we're back to business as usual but in the mean time lighter fabrics and shorts are the way it will be.

Here's the week 6 round up:

7th July:

8th July:

9th July:

10th July:

11th July:
12th July:

13th July:

And week sevens collection:

14th July:

15th July:

16th July:

17th July:

18th July:

19th July:

20th July:

I'm noticing that the hotter it is, the less excited I am about accessorising. I can't be dealing with bracelets etc when it's too hot. They just bother me and make me itchy. Less is definitely more when the sun in shining.

I've still got my eye on the Autumn wardrobe and have picked up a couple of things this week to make a start on the pieces I'm missing. Next on the clothes shopping agenda is school uniform shopping unfortunately which is much less fun. Ah well, needs must.


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Project 333: Week Five - Still Going Strong

Well I am still going strong with my P333 challenge (even if my blogging is sporadic!).

This week I finally managed to implement the use of one of these back into my wardrobe:

Althoug thankfully neither the Gi nor the black belt need to be counted in my 33 items (Lord knows I'm not wearing it anywhere else but the dojo. Least attractive outfit. Ever. LOL).

It's been a busy old time round here with preparations for Grace's dance school show on the local theatre next weekend. Rounds of rehearsals at the dance school then stage and dress rehearsals at the theatre. Thankfully they now get the week off class until show nights (Friday and Saturday). Once that's done with Grace will have a change of timetable meaning her classes will now be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings (at various times). A bit of a pain in the week but it does mean we can finally reclaim our Saturdays after 6 years of tap and ballet classes taking up a chunk of the day. That will hopefully make it easier to escape for the weekend with our trailer tent (LOVE our trailer tent!). It's one of these:

And it is all kinds of awesome :)

On to the P333 weekly round up anyway. Another mixed bag of activities and weather this week:

30th June:

1st July:

2nd July:

3rd July:

4th July:

5th July:

6th July:

I'm finding I'm struggling a little more with the casual side of things. I think I need to get over wearing what feels like "dressy" or "work" stuff at the weekend.

I'm going to start working with the kids to streamline their wardrobes once they've finished school. We've already had "How to do your own laundry 101" for Grace this week. Tonight is Ewan's turn.  Then possibly Kendo's :P


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Project 333: Week Four - The Laundry Issue.

Having reached the end of my first month of living with my Project 333 wardrobe I've noticed something that seems a little odd at first glance.

I have considerably less clothing in my wardrobe. I didn't count pre-cull but I'm certain it was at least 3 times what I've got in there now. Despite that, it feels like I'm doing a tonne more laundry. It baffled me slightly the first few weeks. Then I had a dawning realisation. I'm not actually doing MORE laundry. I'm just doing MORE FREQUENT laundry.

Previously what would happen at Casa de Kendrick would be that I would wear all the things in my wardrobe that were okay (which was quite a lot of things depending on how loose your definition of "okay" is) and only when I'd started to reach the end of possibilities in terms of things to go on my body would I start to tackle the Mt Washmore of Laundry that had amassed in the basket.

So every three or four weeks I'd have 7, 8 or even 9 loads of laundry to do all at once which frankly was enough to make me want to weep.

Now I find, if I want something to wear, I have to be much more pro-active about getting the laundry done in the week. Whilst it feels like total pain in the proverbial whilst I'm doing it, in retrospect it is at least saving me from the woeful feeling of a days worth of non-stop laundry that I used to deal with.

Unexpected mental health benefits just from a smaller wardrobe. Who'd have thought?!

On to the round up of week 4 anyway. A bit of a mixed bag of work outfits, casual work outfits and weekend casual outfits. Working in an education environment we're just getting to the summer break now. I work all year round but having no students and no teaching staff in the buildings over the summer breaks means we have a casual wardrobe rather than our usual office wear (hurrah to that!). It's also been all over the place weather wise too so some days have been cold enough for boots! Bloody British weather!

Monday 23rd June

Tuesday 24th June
 Wednesday 25th June
 Thursday 26th June
 Friday 27th June
 Saturday 28th June
 Sunday 29th June
I did spend some of Sunday in this delightful ensemble:

as my BFF and I ran the Cancer Research Race for Life in Wigan. We ran in the 5K ran and blimey was that a shock to the system. I had intended doing some prep for the race in the lead up but life somehow managed to get in the way. Considering I've done one 20 minute run in the last 18 months I managed to hobble round in 41 minutes (Miss Paula would have made much better time than me but my knees did not approve of the uphill!).

All for a good cause and we managed to raise over £300 between us which is great.

In other, less painful, news I've been taking a really enjoyable online course at This is a fabulous crafting site full of loads of amazing tutorials. The lovely Deb at Home Life Simplified is responsible for me internet hopping my way over there but I'm glad I did. The course I've been doing is this Pattern Drafting course by Cal Patch. Wow. What a really great insight into how to take measurements and draft them into a selection of patterns to make clothes that really fit your own body shape. There's also a great section on how to take the basic pattern and add extra details to open up a huge range of styles and silhouettes. I've started on the standard shirt/tunic/dress pattern that Cal goes through in the course. I'm thinking maybe I will try to come up with a little black dress from this pattern as an alternative to buying one or making one from the commercial pattern I bought.

Onwards and upwards into July people. How is it July already?? Half the year gone in the blink of an eye.

I've leave you with a update pic of gigantapuppy taken this week. He does look disproportionally large on this photo but he's just too gorgeous not to share.



Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Project 333: A Week Three Round-up

I am still adoring all things Project 333.

Looking over the day sets I've created in Polyvore this morning its occurred to me that I have only actually had two days in the last 23 that I've worn the same outfit. Bizarre that I'm wearing far more variety of outfits even though I've got much less to choose from in my wardrobe.

Here's week three's selection:

Monday 16th June (office):

Tuesday 17th June (Office):

Yes, you can wear the same cardigan two days in a row and no one notices. Honest! LOL.

Wednesday 18th June (Office):

Thursday 19th June (Office - the Federal Agent outfit!):

Friday 20th June (Manning our stand at the University Open Day):

Saturday 21st June (Trip to town, out to eat and cinema):

Sunday 22nd June (Dog walking and pottering at home):

I'm still on the look out for my little black dress for my Autumn/Winter look. I have a very specific idea of what I want this dress to do so finding one is proving a pain. It needs to fulfil a lot of functions this dress:

1) be smart enough to stand alone as a dress
2) work as a skirt under a top or jumper/sweater
3) look ok with tight/leggings/bare legs
4) be able to fit a shirt underneath
5) be comfortable for casual wear as well as work wear
6) look ok with flat, heels and riding boots.
7) be easy to care for.

It's a tough call for one little piece of clothing! I'm pondering with the idea of making a dress rather than buying one at the moment. I found this vintage pattern on sale so have ordered this, which is a possible option if I can find the right fabric:

I like the fact that its got a good A line shape (I don't want anything too fitted) and the neck line is good for fitting a shirt underneath (like this):

Plus the fact that it's sleeveless means it won't be too hot to layer under a top or jumper like this:

Whether it will work will ultimately depend on whether I can find the right fabric (I'm thinking probably a thin wool like a gabardine in black) and whether or not I'm capable of following a sewing pattern for the first time in about 8 years!

It hasn't arrived yet (hasn't even been dispatched! Come on Jaycotts, sort yourselves out!) but when it comes I'll be perusing the fabric store in the hopes of finding something just right.


Thursday, 19 June 2014

A week three moment.

Four days into week 3 of my Project 33 experiment, I'm wearing this outfit:

That shirt is quite fitted and I'm wearing it tucked into my trousers.
Every time I see myself in the mirror I think I look like a Federal Agent! LOL. Makes me want to be toting a gun and a shiny badge. Hmmmm, I wonder why this might be? Lets examine the evidence shall we? FBI, NCIS, CSI. Take your pick.....

Yep. All rocking the shirt tuckage! LOL.