Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Annual January Funk

So, it seems we've reached that time of year where I traditionally have a total BLAAHHH!

Looking back it seems I've waffled on every year at this point about how much I hate winter after Christmas has passed. How the lack of sunshine has me flagging. How the weather gets me down (worse this year as its just rainy all the damn time). How much I long for spring at the point in the proceedings.

In keeping with tradition then. A look at the little things that cheers me up somewhat in the grey and gloomy January days.

One of the best things about January is new season TV (I'm a telly addict, what can I say?). January brings new seasons of all my favourite shows from the US. There were some doozy cliff hangers last seasons as well so it was great to pick up the action. Like catching up with old friends. LOL.

1. ncis_all_characters_wallpaper-normal5.4">ncis_all_characters_wallpaper-normal5.4
>, 2. NCIS">">NCIS LA, 3. lost-girl-bo">lost-girl-bo>, 4. greys-anatomy">greys-anatomy>, 5. Bones">Bones>, 6. ncis_all_characters_wallpaper-normal5.4">ncis_all_characters_wallpaper-normal5.4>

I don't always have my nose in the TV though. Sometimes I have my nose in a book. At the moment I'm reading this:
Which is okay, if a little bit wishy-washy.  I'm also trying to stick with working my way through this:

Which to be honest, I'm not very good at (I suck at morning pages! LOL).
Music wise, well. I've just checked through my YouTube recent play list and to be honest it's a pretty depressing line up! Lots of this:

and this:

and this:

Hmmmmmm. Perhaps the choice of soundtrack isn't really helpful to the January funk? Might have to have a rethink there.
This (not-so) little dude is obviously cheering me up, but I have to say cheering me up and driving me nuts in equal measure:


I guess I'm not as easily finding the happy these days. That's a little sad. Ah well. January is a good time for reflection and affecting change. Time to think about ways to do more of what I enjoy and spend less time worrying about doing stuff I don't perhaps? Food for thought.



Katie said...

Lovely to see you back blogging :-) I'm looking forward to new season TV too - Bones starts here on Friday night.
We have similar taste in music at the moment - I've been listening to a lot of Coldplay and The Fray.
Hope February brings some sunshine for you :-)