Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ushering in a New Year

2014? Really? How did that happen?

I honestly cannot believe how quickly the last year has flown by. It was another doozy round here by all accounts with the unexpected loss of my baby brother. I'm tentatively hoping that 2014 will make less of an effort to kick us in the teeth!

On a positive note, we began the New Year with a new addition to the Cookie family. Much to the excitment of Kendo and the kidlets (and indeed myself) this (not very little) guy came to live with us on 27th December:

His name is Jethro. Not after these guys:


Or this guy:
but after this guy:
Although, to be fair, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was the middle one. He's sometimes more Clampett than Gibbs! LOL. He's certainly been entertaining us and keeping us busy (having a puppy is way more like having a newborn in the house than I expected! He's finished his course of vaccincations now so will officially be liberated for walks next Monday (thank goodness).
Master Jethro is certainly taking up a lot of my time but I am trying to make a concerted effort to make time for other things I love this year. I'm trying to make sure I create (at least a little) every week and have been trying to eat well and get back to karate training properly (those 2nd Dan kata won't learn themselves!).
I am hoping to get a little more blogging done this year (as opposed to the practically NONE I did last year) and I've been thinking about a guiding word for 2014 and what I want to get out of the coming year. More on that at somepoint.
In the meantime I'll leave you with an update Jethro pic. The little tinker has put on 8.5 lbs since that first photo was taken. He's growing like the clappers!!



Angel Jem said...

Yo Jethro! I love it and I am so glad to see you back!!