Saturday, 31 May 2014

Project 333: The Final Cut

So, who knew choosing 33 items for your wardrobe would be such an epic task?!

I've definitely learnt a couple of things doing this:

1) Unsurprisingly, I have too many clothes.
2) I sometimes often buy things because they are a bargain, not because I will wear them, or they suit me, or they go with anything I own.
3) I like cardigans. A lot.
4) Despite emphatically telling my DH I am not a "shoe person" I own too many pairs of shoes.
5) I don't like to wear shoes that are uncomfortable, regardless of how well they match my outfit or how good they look.
6) Sometime you have to accept the fact that some things just don't suit you. I really want  a pair of chinos. I tried about 8 different pairs on yesterday and every pair made me look like I had massive saddle bags. I have one pair of "slim fit" ones I've seen left to try and if they don't fit I am giving them up as a lost cause.

Without further ado, here's the 33 items that made the final cut:

Starting at the top (left to right):

1) Grey tailored trousers
2) Navy side fasten wide leg trousers
3) Slim fit chinos/beige jeans
4) Ruby Jeggings
5) Navy Jeggings
6) Black spotted Scuba Pencil Skirt
7) Black and White Maxi Skirt
8) Pale wash boot cut jeans
9) Dark wash straight leg jeans
10) Black and White faux wrap dress
11) Black Floral summer dress
12) Ivory Bird Print Blouse
13) White and Grey Oriental Print Blouse
14) Blue/Pink Small Print Floral Blouse
15) Blue/Pink Large Print Floral Tunic Top
16) White Fitted Shirt
17) Long Line Navy V-neck cardigan
18) Black Crew neck cardigan
19) Pink Shrug Cardigan
20) Black Jersey Cardigan
21) Navy Long Line Jersey Cardigan
22) Grey Lacy knit Jumper
23) Grey striped 3/4 sleeve T Shirt
24) Navy Striped 50s style T Shirt
25) Plain Black Short sleeved Tee
26) Plain White Short Sleeved Tee
27) Plain Black Vest
28) Plain White Vest
29) Grey Blazer
30) Black Riding Boots* 
31) Black Chelsea Boots
32) Black Ballet Pumps
33) Black Mary Janes

*May swap these out for Black sandals if the weather ever improves!

I have done a little bit of "rule tweaking" to make me a bit more comfortable with the whole process. I have a couple of items on the side lines to swap out if the weather improves. If you've ever wondered why British people talk so much about the weather its because the weather here is messed up. Big time. We can literally go from glorious sunshine (colloquially known as "cracking the flags") in the morning, to torrential rain or even hailstone by the afternoon (colloquially known as "pissing it down"). This can be the same be it summer or winter. There is no rhyme or reason to the UK weather. I've allowed a little wriggle room to accommodate this but mostly I'm going to tackle it with layers.

There are several things which aren't supposed to be included in your 33 items. These include underwear, sleepwear, gym wear (which you only wear to work out), loungewear (if you have stuff you only wear at home), jewelry with sentimental value which you wear all the time. This is mine:

My watch, which is painfully utilitarian but has a clear face, good leather strap, date window, and glows in the dark if need be. My wedding ring, white gold sleeper earrings and a stud (I have one ear pierced twice) and a necklace that belonged to my mum.

I've included a couple of things in this like my running shoes (which I will only wear for working out or walking to dog if its warm), my dog walking boots (literally only wear these for dog walking, they are covered in mud and have a chunk missing out of the leather on the toe!), a big sloppy jumper for when I'm chilly in the house. I've also included a couple of stretch camisoles which I tend to wear as underwear and a pair of black leggings which I wear in lieu of tights (so I'm counting that as hosiery ;)).

I haven't counted outwear in this but I usually only wear a large chucky cardie in lieu of a coat or a rain coat (again for dog walking). 

I have one handbag most of the time so I haven't counted that.

I do have quite a big collection of scarves and costume jewelry which I like to wear sometimes to add some colour. I haven't counted this but have whittled it down to two scarves and a small selection of jewelry.

Who knows if I will even wear all the items or if I'll be bemoaning the loss of the rest of my wardrobe. Could go either way at this point. I am looking forward to getting started though (officially Monday will be the first day but I have kind of made a start). If nothing else is though at least my laundry chores should be less. I reckon with some judicious use of a colour-catcher sheet I would wash my entire wardrobe in 3 loads!

I am going to try to upload some daily outfit pictures but can't guarantee how well that will go. Hopefully it will encourage more blogging and some reflections on the process. I need to shift a pile of toys from in front of the full length mirror and give it a good clean though! Yikes.



kim said...

This project has me curious if I could do it. I'm not a clothes person (or jewelry or shoes or anything to do with my looks, really), and I live in the same couple pairs of pants/capris/shorts depending on the season, but even for me 33 items doesn't sound like much. Although if I get to pull out workout and yard wear, maybe? Is this supposed to be for the whole year? Because we have extremely different summer and winter weather and even with layering, I think it might be hard.

just might take the challenge! I turn 38 next month and I do have the same thoughts that I really should have a few decent outfits to wear and wish that I didn't struggle so much with finding something to put on when I'm going out in public.

Unknown said...

Hi Kim

The project is for 3 months after which you can change out some items to accommodate the change in seasons.