Monday, 2 June 2014

Project 333: Day One

 My first real day of Project 333 today. Yikes. So, if anything I think I've probably thought about clothes more in the last week than I have in months (or even years!). I'm hoping once I settle into my 33 times I'll stop thinking so much about what to pair with what (once I've got a feel for outfits I like etc).

Today's outfit is a smart casual for work. My students are officially finished so I don't need full out office wear now as a general rule. That said, for the rest of the week we have a QAA inspection team coming into inspect our provision so it will be all out best bib and tucker for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday this week at least.

Today I wore:

1) grey blazer as a coat is its scheduled to rain today (surprise, not!)
2) Navy and white 50s Tee
3) Navy Jeggings
4) Black Mary Janes
5) Olive Green Scarf*
6) Olive Green Wood grain bangle*

I've already gone outside the accessories I'd set myself with the green stuff* but I felt it needed a pop of colour (this is the reason I didn't include my accessories in my 33 to begin with. They don't take up much room and make me feel much more "put together" when I wear them.

I even wore make up this morning! Now that doesn't happy very often (high days and holidays my Mum would have said).

I can't decide if I'm more likely to do Polyvore clips of my outfits or actual photos. I did take pics of my this morning but the lighting is not great in the room with the full length mirror (not to mention the mirror could do with a clean and it's surrounded by Grace's extensive soft toy collection!

It's here anyway:

Onwards to see how the outfit fares today :)