Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Project 333: A Week Three Round-up

I am still adoring all things Project 333.

Looking over the day sets I've created in Polyvore this morning its occurred to me that I have only actually had two days in the last 23 that I've worn the same outfit. Bizarre that I'm wearing far more variety of outfits even though I've got much less to choose from in my wardrobe.

Here's week three's selection:

Monday 16th June (office):

Tuesday 17th June (Office):

Yes, you can wear the same cardigan two days in a row and no one notices. Honest! LOL.

Wednesday 18th June (Office):

Thursday 19th June (Office - the Federal Agent outfit!):

Friday 20th June (Manning our stand at the University Open Day):

Saturday 21st June (Trip to town, out to eat and cinema):

Sunday 22nd June (Dog walking and pottering at home):

I'm still on the look out for my little black dress for my Autumn/Winter look. I have a very specific idea of what I want this dress to do so finding one is proving a pain. It needs to fulfil a lot of functions this dress:

1) be smart enough to stand alone as a dress
2) work as a skirt under a top or jumper/sweater
3) look ok with tight/leggings/bare legs
4) be able to fit a shirt underneath
5) be comfortable for casual wear as well as work wear
6) look ok with flat, heels and riding boots.
7) be easy to care for.

It's a tough call for one little piece of clothing! I'm pondering with the idea of making a dress rather than buying one at the moment. I found this vintage pattern on sale so have ordered this, which is a possible option if I can find the right fabric:

I like the fact that its got a good A line shape (I don't want anything too fitted) and the neck line is good for fitting a shirt underneath (like this):

Plus the fact that it's sleeveless means it won't be too hot to layer under a top or jumper like this:

Whether it will work will ultimately depend on whether I can find the right fabric (I'm thinking probably a thin wool like a gabardine in black) and whether or not I'm capable of following a sewing pattern for the first time in about 8 years!

It hasn't arrived yet (hasn't even been dispatched! Come on Jaycotts, sort yourselves out!) but when it comes I'll be perusing the fabric store in the hopes of finding something just right.