Thursday, 19 June 2014

Project 333: Week Two and a trip to Bonny Scotland.

Onwards into week two (although I'm already nearly through week 3! Where is the time going?).

Only 5 outfits from my P333 wardrobe this week as Saturday and Sunday were a little unusual. We took a 480 mile round trip at the weekend to this place:

This is Duncarron Medieval Village in the Carron Valley in Scotland. Duncarron is eventually going to be a full sized replica of a medieval fortified village. A sort of "living musesum" where people will be able to go to learn about Scottish heritage from the medieval period. Owned and run by the Clanranald Trust the village is being built using donations and volunteer help.
They hold several events there throughout the year and at the weekend it was their "Spirit of Duncarron" event. Lots of fabulous celtic music supplied by the Clanranald Trust band "Soar Patrol" and also "The Dolmen" plus loads of other activities like archery, axe throwing (yes, axe-throwing, with  actual metal axes. The kids loved it!), a working blacksmith's forge and a host of stalls with jewellery, weaponry etc.
We had an amazing time there on the Saturday of the event. The kids made quick friends with the other children there and had a great time running around the village with wooden swords and shields hatching plans of war and raids and ambushes. Probably the most exciting part of the weekend was getting to meet this guy in the flesh though:

This is the wonderfully handsome "Odin". The resident Duncarron dog who inspired our choice of Newfoundland/St Bernard cross as our puppy of choice. If it wasn't for this dude then we wouldn't have the lovely Jethro as part of our family now. It was quite funny that so many of the visitors mistook Jethro for Odin throughout the day (even to the point of stopping to take photos of Jethro and Kendo (who was dressed up in his Viking LARPing garb).

Jethro wasn't quite sure what to make of the giant doggy who was just like him. He was a little calmer than his usual bonkers self. I think he was deferring to the giantness of Odin - finally a dog bigger than him! The seemed to get along just fine though.

And Yes. That is how big our puppy is going to get. Still some more growing in that boy yet.
Amidst all the excitement Ewan still found time to test his sword on Dad:
And we got to watch the Clanranald warriors show off their Shiltron skills:
More on that here if you find it interesting, this is from the "Quest for Bannockburn" documentary which was shown on the BBC recently.
For once we managed to get a family photo on a day out (courtesy of this nice gentleman). This is Rosie, the battering ram, which was used in the Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe:
 Enough with all things Scottish and Medieval. We'll be back to that later in the year when we go back for their Halloween festivities :)
In terms of wardrobe Saturday and Sunday mostly saw me in pieces that hadn't made the P333 wardrobe cut. Those combats and my walking boots for example, and jeans and a shiny new Duncarron T-shirt for the Sunday. The working week had panned out like this though:



Still loving the limited selection (but noticing I have to be much more mindful of the laundry timings!).

I'm on the hunt for a few pieces which will make up the swaps for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Currently I'm looking for a little black dress (I know exactly what I want this dress to look like and how I want to wear it. I just need to find it which is bound to be a challenge!), a cream fine knit sweater, a navy cable knit sweater and a burgundy cardigan and I should be good to go.

I did have the opportunity for a little sneak shoe shopping this week (courtesy of birthday vouchers from my lovely team at work). I've been saying for an age that I am going to stop buying cheap shoes that don't last me but will instead invest in some decent shoes from Clarks (which tend to last a lifetime). As they've got an ubersale on at the moment I bought these babies:

Astra Katelina

Which pretty much match everything in my wardrobe and will hopefully see me through a good few seasons.

Back next week with a week 3 run down.




Angel Jem said...

I love archery but I've never seen anywhere offer axe slinging before! Thanks for the write up on the place. The lads are into the Viking tv series so this looks like just the place to save up and go to some time!

I love how your project 333 is going, the combination of clothes is looking good.

magog001 said...

these duncarron guys also are a professional stunt team and they are often in the vikeings (and anything else thats filmed in europe) in fact the enemy from the opening credits of gladiator are these guys (and becuase of that film they are mates with russell crowe) he was the one that gave them rosie the battering and paid for it to be stored and then transported upto site