Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Project 333: Week Five - Still Going Strong

Well I am still going strong with my P333 challenge (even if my blogging is sporadic!).

This week I finally managed to implement the use of one of these back into my wardrobe:

Althoug thankfully neither the Gi nor the black belt need to be counted in my 33 items (Lord knows I'm not wearing it anywhere else but the dojo. Least attractive outfit. Ever. LOL).

It's been a busy old time round here with preparations for Grace's dance school show on the local theatre next weekend. Rounds of rehearsals at the dance school then stage and dress rehearsals at the theatre. Thankfully they now get the week off class until show nights (Friday and Saturday). Once that's done with Grace will have a change of timetable meaning her classes will now be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings (at various times). A bit of a pain in the week but it does mean we can finally reclaim our Saturdays after 6 years of tap and ballet classes taking up a chunk of the day. That will hopefully make it easier to escape for the weekend with our trailer tent (LOVE our trailer tent!). It's one of these:

And it is all kinds of awesome :)

On to the P333 weekly round up anyway. Another mixed bag of activities and weather this week:

30th June:

1st July:

2nd July:

3rd July:

4th July:

5th July:

6th July:

I'm finding I'm struggling a little more with the casual side of things. I think I need to get over wearing what feels like "dressy" or "work" stuff at the weekend.

I'm going to start working with the kids to streamline their wardrobes once they've finished school. We've already had "How to do your own laundry 101" for Grace this week. Tonight is Ewan's turn.  Then possibly Kendo's :P