Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Project 333: Week Four - The Laundry Issue.

Having reached the end of my first month of living with my Project 333 wardrobe I've noticed something that seems a little odd at first glance.

I have considerably less clothing in my wardrobe. I didn't count pre-cull but I'm certain it was at least 3 times what I've got in there now. Despite that, it feels like I'm doing a tonne more laundry. It baffled me slightly the first few weeks. Then I had a dawning realisation. I'm not actually doing MORE laundry. I'm just doing MORE FREQUENT laundry.

Previously what would happen at Casa de Kendrick would be that I would wear all the things in my wardrobe that were okay (which was quite a lot of things depending on how loose your definition of "okay" is) and only when I'd started to reach the end of possibilities in terms of things to go on my body would I start to tackle the Mt Washmore of Laundry that had amassed in the basket.

So every three or four weeks I'd have 7, 8 or even 9 loads of laundry to do all at once which frankly was enough to make me want to weep.

Now I find, if I want something to wear, I have to be much more pro-active about getting the laundry done in the week. Whilst it feels like total pain in the proverbial whilst I'm doing it, in retrospect it is at least saving me from the woeful feeling of a days worth of non-stop laundry that I used to deal with.

Unexpected mental health benefits just from a smaller wardrobe. Who'd have thought?!

On to the round up of week 4 anyway. A bit of a mixed bag of work outfits, casual work outfits and weekend casual outfits. Working in an education environment we're just getting to the summer break now. I work all year round but having no students and no teaching staff in the buildings over the summer breaks means we have a casual wardrobe rather than our usual office wear (hurrah to that!). It's also been all over the place weather wise too so some days have been cold enough for boots! Bloody British weather!

Monday 23rd June

Tuesday 24th June
 Wednesday 25th June
 Thursday 26th June
 Friday 27th June
 Saturday 28th June
 Sunday 29th June
I did spend some of Sunday in this delightful ensemble:

as my BFF and I ran the Cancer Research Race for Life in Wigan. We ran in the 5K ran and blimey was that a shock to the system. I had intended doing some prep for the race in the lead up but life somehow managed to get in the way. Considering I've done one 20 minute run in the last 18 months I managed to hobble round in 41 minutes (Miss Paula would have made much better time than me but my knees did not approve of the uphill!).

All for a good cause and we managed to raise over £300 between us which is great.

In other, less painful, news I've been taking a really enjoyable online course at This is a fabulous crafting site full of loads of amazing tutorials. The lovely Deb at Home Life Simplified is responsible for me internet hopping my way over there but I'm glad I did. The course I've been doing is this Pattern Drafting course by Cal Patch. Wow. What a really great insight into how to take measurements and draft them into a selection of patterns to make clothes that really fit your own body shape. There's also a great section on how to take the basic pattern and add extra details to open up a huge range of styles and silhouettes. I've started on the standard shirt/tunic/dress pattern that Cal goes through in the course. I'm thinking maybe I will try to come up with a little black dress from this pattern as an alternative to buying one or making one from the commercial pattern I bought.

Onwards and upwards into July people. How is it July already?? Half the year gone in the blink of an eye.

I've leave you with a update pic of gigantapuppy taken this week. He does look disproportionally large on this photo but he's just too gorgeous not to share.




Katie said...

Thanks for sharing your Project 333 experience- I'd never heard of it before but it sounds really interesting...going to do some research I think and see if I can give it a go!