Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Word For The Year 2015

I am not one for New Year's resolutions. I generally find if I make them they're broken before the Christmas decorations have come down.
When I started blogging in 2008 I embraced the notion of "One little word" and began to have one guiding word for the year.
In 2008 my word was SIMPLE, in 2009 I chose BALANCE, in 2010 I plumped for ACTION and in 2011 I went with FOCUS.

In 2012 I was still dithering over my word choice in February when The Unthinkable happened.
When I came to think about my word this year I was amazed to see that I hadn't had one since 2011. How had that happened? The last few years just seem to have gone by in a grief-ridden, depressed, water-treading blur.

The realisation of this made me all the more intent on a word for this year. A good word. A useful word.

I love to read Deb's blog over at Inner Compass Designs. I met the fabulous Deb online in a parenting forum when our girls were just tiny wee things. Even after we stopped posting on the forum we kept in touch via Facebook (ah, the magic of Facebook) and she continues to inspire me daily from the other side of the global. Anyhoo, one of the resources Deb shared at the end of the year was a free project called "Unravelling the Year Ahead" by a lady called Suzannah Conway. I knew as soon as I opened the work booklet I was going to love this course, and I did. It's certainly not to late to give it a try should you be so inclined.

Even before I had begun the course I'd had a word niggling at me. That word was COMMIT. I liked it. I kind of said what I wanted to do in 2015. It wasn't quite right though. I'm not entirely certain as to why but I suspect it was because it somehow implied pressure (on myself). That is SOOOOO not what I need this year.

What I need this year is to do all the things I know I should do, the things that I sometimes do, to make my life better, but to do them ALL THE TIME.

With that in mind, my word for 2015 is:


I choose to be CONSISTENT this year, in relation to:

HEALTH - to eat well, to move more, to attend regular karate classes, to practice self-care.

CALM - to let go of self-imposed stresses, to create often, to smile more, to spend less time starting at a screen and more time staring at people.

ORGANISATION - to plan to succeed (in work and at home), to plan menus, to plan housework, to declutter, to organise to remove the stress.

HAVEN - to make our home a haven from the outside world, to save for some home improvements, to make it a happy place to be.

I tend to do these things in fits and starts. I'm a boom and bust kind of girl. What I need to do is pace myself and just do them regularly. To be CONSISTENT in them. To make them a habit and make them stick.

So, that's the plan. Be CONSISTENT in 2015. Hope it works!