Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fauxdori Set Up Video

I've done it! My YouTube cherry is officially popped! LOL.

I was finally brave enough to upload a video to YouTube for the first time.

A quick overview of the set up in my Fauxdori Planner for 2015.

It's not the greatest quality (trying to film holding my phone and skipping through the planner means it's a little wobbly) but it's okay.

Before I even think of doing any others I will have to get to grips with some video editing software so if anyone knows any good free ones I can find please do le

So, any of my fellow BWers still lurking on here who want to know what I sound like after all these years, here's your chance to hear my delightful Lancashire accent!

Enjoy :)


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Cookie Tradition.

So. It's here. Time for the annual "I'm so fed up with winter, why can't it be spring already?" post.

Actually I'm doing quite well this year. I've managed to last until the middle of February until I'm completely chomping at the bit for some spring time action.

I think it's tradition that this post comes with a soundtrack so, a little background music. This song has been bumbling about in my head all day. I just can't seem to shake it. I don't even know where I heard it, but it makes me want to get my 80s groove on. Impromptu dance party!!

Anyway, it's making me smile today. It's pretty cold out but the sun is shining. I can see blue sky out of the office window.

It's definitely improving my mood :)

On the topic of improving things, I've been reasonably good with my word for the year "CONSISTENT" and I've been eating much better (back onto Slimming World for me), training (karate) regularly and managing to sneak in the odd bit of creative time here and there.

Mostly the creativity has taken the form of journal making. I bit the bullet and ordered a piece of leather to make a Fauxdori (fake Midori Traveller's Notebook) and I LOVE it.

I've been using it as a planner, notebook, bullet journal, written journal, doodle pad, and all round general place to write stuff. I love the versatility of it, not to mention the fact that the leather smells totally lush and is getting more worn and soft and gorgeous looking by the day!


I'm thinking I might be brave and do a "Planner Set up" Video on it to show what I've got going on in there. Depends if I can get over my video stage fright! LOL.

That's it for now. Keep willing the spring on!