Wednesday, 1 July 2015

One Book July #onebookjuly2015

I've decided to take part in One Book July this year.

OBJ is the brainchild of Rhomany (over at Rhomany's Realm) and is a project that she first ran last year in association with Carie Harling (at Dispatches from the Frat House) and MissVickyBee. (The Coffee Addict's Club).

The premise behind the project is to pare down your planners/journals/sketch books/notebooks and the writing implements/tools you use to just one book for the whole of the month of July.

One Book.

One Pen.

One Month.

Rhomany does a fabulous job of explaining the whole concept in her video for OBJ2015 on YouTube. There's also a run down of her set up here. Carie's set up here, and Vicky's set up here.

What I love about these ladies and their collaboration is that they all approach things from such different angles. For me, the point of getting involved this year wasn't necessarily about the paring down of books (I have a few planners/sketchbooks/notebooks on the go but not a horrendous amount). It's more about trying to get a single system in place that I can work consistently. Hmmmmm CONSIST? Where have we heard that before?

Here's what I have on the go currently:

These are three art journals (although to be honest, they haven't seen much action the last few months). The black one is a spiral bound (I think it's 10x18?) sketchbook by Strathmore. The kraft coloured one is a Dylusions Creative Journal by Ranger (which I've been using for some classes from The purple one is a handmade cereal box art journal which I made a while ago from Jenniebellie's tutorial on YouTube. These are what I use for art journaling most commonly.

The two MTNs are my fauxdoris. The pale one a slightly bigger than regular size and the brown one a field notes size.

I ADORE these journals. There are two problems though. First is that the large one is TOO large and the field notes size is too small. Second is that whilst I love the format, I love the printables, I love the feel of the leather, realistically I find it quite difficult to write in them (in a practical sense). I've tried several different systems in there. Inserts from a number of different places on Etsy but I'm just not using them consistently.

The Moleskines in the second photo above are my work note books. The soft cover one is a Bullet Journal, the hard cover is an Evernote moleskine which I use for meeting minutes. The Everynote is staying for OBJ. That's the "magic book" in our office which has all the important notes etc in it so I need to keep using it. The bullet journal is going on hold for July to see if I can get away with work and personal stuff in one book for planning and task management. We'll see I guess.

I deliberated for quite a few days between an MTN style and a hard bound book for my OBJ. After watching videos from all three of the Coffee Addicts club ladies I decided that the hard bound idea was speaking to me more so I went with that.

In the spirit of OBJ not being a stress I decided to go with a notebook I already had lying around so picked up this faux suede plain paper sketch book which I bought a little while ago in The Range. It was cheap as chips (£3.99) but the paper is reasonably think and not too shiny.

I've had this since May and did fill one or two pages at the front but I thought this page spoke to the whole OBJ ethos well enough so was happy to have it in there:

I wrote out a list of what I knew I MUST have in the book for July:

- month on two pages
- some sort of forward planning for the rest of the year
- week on 1 page with space for bullet journaling
- some post its/flags and some way of colour coding
- some pretties

I also wrote a list of what I wanted to accomplish with the book in July:

- a consistent system of planning and organising that WORKS
- somewhere for journaling (to encourage CONSISTENT journaling practice)
- somewhere for notes on Books, blog posts, stuff I'm thinking about, research/learning
- a place to encourage gratitude practice (I've talked about wanting to implement this before)

Previously when I've tried to plan in hardcover notebooks the haphazardness of it has irked me. The idea of sectioning off parts of the book that Vicky discusses in her video (taken from Clark Danger's ideas on journaling practice) really spoke to me. I've made some sections in the book along similar lines.

Here's what the inside is looking like currently:

Month on 2 pages

Forward Planning

Week on one Page (with blank sheets for bullet journaling)

 Post its/Flags/Colour Coding

I've split off the following sections:

The sections are pretty self explanatory:

- Journal
- Brain Dumps
- Book Notes
- Gratitude
- Learn Zone
- Blog Notes

I've delineated the pages with some washi tape to make the sections easy to find and the title pages I'll complete when I'm in a doodling mood.

My Pen of Choice for the duration of July will be this one:

Which is a Signo Uniball gel pen. I love the feel of this pen and who it writes. My only quibble with it is that it's quite a wide tip (0.7mm) but I can forgive that for the rest of it's good points.

For some colour-coding I've opted for my Derwent Academy Watercolour Pencils:

I've chosen these mostly because of the versatility. They're fine for highlighting over writing for colour coding events/note per person but also handy if I want a little colour in sketches etc.

So, that's it. I'm all set up for One Book July 2015 (just in time to begin today on the 1st!). I'm sure there'll be an update along at some  point about how it's going.