Tuesday, 1 December 2015

December Challenges

In an attempt to kick my creative butt into gear I'm taking part in a few creative challenges in December.

First off the bat is the Better Lettering Course challenge from www.madevibrant.com. I took the Better Lettering Course in the year (a really lovely course to improve your hand lettering). The prompts for December are all about reflecting on the year.

Prompt 1 is "Best thing that happened".

This was strangely a tough one for me. We've had a couple of pretty turbulent years lately and things can still be a little bumpy. I had a trawl through my 2015 Facebook feed for some inspiration for some good stuff that had gone on this year and this photo was the one that spoke to me:

We went to Porthmadog in North Wales for a week in April and had a lovely time. Snowdonia is a beautiful area and it was lovely to get out together as a family in the spring fresh air. So here we are for the better lettering prompt:

The second challenge is the December #PlanWithMeChallenge which is hosted by these lovely ladies:

* Jessica // Pretty Prints & Paper:
* Kim // Tiny Ray of Sunshine:
* Kara // Boho Berry:

There's a Facebook group and Instagram group for the challenge where you can play along. The idea is to encourage the sharing of planner ideas.

As mentioned in the last post I'm back to bullet journaling for December (still in my fauxdori).

Currently my set up is looking like this:

(Gotta have the month on 2 pages on the go. This is from Marsia Bramucci on Etsy. ADORE her stuff!).

(Quote and sticky notes (gotta be done for some plannering)).

(A squared moleskine large cahier notebook for my bullet journal).

(A monthly spread for December - looking pretty full already! This was my prompt photo for the first #PlanWeMeChallenge prompt. Day 1: Planner Selfie).

(Goals for December and a habit tracker - WIP on these!).

(Prompt lists and a gratitude section).

I think that's enough for now. More sharing to come, I'm sure.

Finally, I'm also thinking I will take part in Journal Your Christmas this year. I haven't done it for an age and was vaguely excited by the thought of playing along this year. I'm cooking up an album plan. First prompt is expected later so we'll see if that actually transpires.

I swear it never used to take me so long to write a blog post! #outofpractice!

More soon.



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