Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Welcome to (a Purposeful) 2016.

Wow. Here we are in 2016 already. I cannot believe how fast the Christmas break has gone by. No sooner was the tree up and the Christmas dinner scoffed down than it was back to work and school and business as usual.

The beginning of January does mean that it's time, once again, to think about my guiding word for the year. Last year's word (you may recall) was CONSISTENT. If I am absolutely honest..... I SUCKED at consistent. I mean really, really sucked at it. I didn't manage to get to karate for anything more than a 4 month stint at time without taking a break, my eating habits were all over the place, I made no impact (whatsoever) on the house. My consistent 2015 was a wash out! *SIGH*

Not to be daunted by the epic lack of success last year, I once again worked through Susannah Conway's "Find your Word" mini-class. This is a great set of prompts over 5 days to really get you thinking about what guiding word might be right for you.

At the beginning of the process I'd been kicking around the word "abundant" which for some reason kept niggling at me. It wasn't quite right though and working through the 5 days of prompts other things began to emerge.

I'd definitely noticed the last few months a feeling of coming to the surface after being underwater for a long time. Since my Mum and brother passed away I've very much been treading water on a day to day basis - just getting through the day, and the week, and the month. More recently I feel like I need to start moving forward with things, that I need something to drive me out of the stagnant puddle, that I need some renewed purpose.

After chewing around those thoughts for a while, there was my word poking at me.


Purposeful will be my guiding word for 2016. As soon as it came to me I started to think about all the aspects of my life I could impact. Things starting coming so thick and fast I had to get a pen and write them down so I wouldn't forget. The result of that frantic writing session was my "purposeful" mind map:

So, how will PURPOSEFUL work for me in a practical sense?
In General
Well, overall for any action taken I will ask myself about the purpose - the "why?" of it. If it's not something that brings benefit, health, happiness, prosperity, comfort or joy to my life then why would I do it?
At Work
In terms of my career, my job role has evolved so much in the 8 years that I've been in place that my job description bares no resemblance to what I actually do and my salary in no way reflects the additional responsibilities I have. This year I will be taking purposeful steps to move forward with a re-evaluation of my role and recognition for the work I do.
For Health
I am back on the Slimming World bandwagon these last few months so I will be sticking with that and making purposeful choices about what I use to fuel my body. I have also rejoined the gym and I'm looking forward to increasing my strength and fitness. The purpose of this is that I potentially have 2nd Black Belt grading looming this year. I need to be fighting fit for that.
With Money
I want to be aware of what our funds are spend on. To move forward with a strict budget with the purpose of eliminating some of our debt and putting us in a stronger financial position.
At Home
Our house needs to be a haven. We spend a lot of time there (my introvert nature makes me a homebody) so we deserve for it to be a place of comfort and loveliness. At the moment it's mostly messy and cluttered and overwhelmed. Some purposeful decluttering of "stuff", moving forward with my P333 wardrobe (which I LOVE), a revamp of our bedroom (I am turning 40 in May and have decided that for my birthday I will finally be getting the new bedroom I've been dreaming of for years!).
For Creativity
I love making things and don't always make time for my creative activities. I need to accept that creativity in itself is a value pursuit, that it has purpose of it's own accord, because it brings me joy and is a huge part of my self care.
In Mindfulness
Part of the purposefulness will come, I think, from being more mindful. I'm guilty (as we all are) of getting caught up in the rat race, in the technology trap, in rushing from here to there, dashing through meals without thinking about what I'm eating, hurrying the kids along when they want to dawdle and just generally being mentally somewhere else instead of in the moment. I'm looking to be more purposeful with how I spend my time (our most valuable commodity?) particular with the family. The kids are growing up so fast. Miss Grace is turning 12 tomorrow (how can that be?). The won't be kids for much longer and we need to enjoy it why we can.
So that's it. That's the round up of my guiding word intentions for the year. I'm thinking I might put a page in my Bullet Journal for a weekly summary on how purposeful I've been in in these areas (Work, health, money, home and relationships, creativity, mindfulness) to try and capture where I'm succeeding and failing and to keep me on track. On a last note I'll leave you with my "Purposeful" mandala to finish off with a bit of pretty :)