Friday, 1 July 2016

One Book July 2016 - Going Disk Bound

It's hard to believe it's already that time of year again. Here we are half way through the year already, which means it's time once again for ONE BOOK JULY.

You may recall I took part in this challenge last year. It's run by Rhomany (over at Rhomany's Realm), Carie Harling (at Dispatches from the Frat House) and Miss Vicky Bee. You can find videos from all three lovely ladies on YouTube about what they're doing this year and the overview video from Rhomany from last year is here.

Basically, it's about paring back your planning habits to really get to grips with your planning system. The original challenge was One Book, One Pen, One Month. This year they are adding an extra element - One Book, One Project, One Month. Pop over to Rhomany's video for an explanation of how that works.

For my One Book July this year, I'm going disk bound. I've been in my Starry Night TN for the last few months reasonably happily but, whilst I love the TN style and the Moleskine Cahiers I use in it, I've been looking for a little more flexibility in terms of being able to move stuff around. The problem with that is, I don't really get on with ring bound planners. The rings are too snappy. I just don't like them.

After seeing a couple of mentions of disk bound planners, I decided to investigate and ended up spending the last of my 40th Birthday pennies on a some items from the ARC system from Staples.

I opted for the A5 size (the pocket wasn't big enough, A4 was too big). I love a couple of things about this system.

1) The customisability (is that even a word?). I love that I can switch things around. That (with the help of the handy hole punch) I can put my own inserts in (yey for Etsy prinables!).

2) The paper that comes with it. Lined, plain and squared are available as well as some nifty shopping list paper and "To Do" lists (if that floats your boat). The quality of the paper is excellent. It even takes all of my fountain pen ink without ghosting (although there was a little feathering with one ink). Feels super strokable too.

3) The accessories are excellent. Zipper pockets, dividers, ruler, punched pockets. Anything you might want in addition to your paper inserts.

All in all the whole thing is making me pretty happy right now.

In terms of planning system for One Book July, I've gone back to a DIYFish insert. I'll still be using a BuJo style but I've found I've been through what feels like a million different versions of my own weekly layout but can't get anything to stick productively. I'm hoping a printable will give me back some structure so I can see what is and isn't working in the nitty gritty of my system.

Here's where I'm at then:

This is the ARC A5 Cover in the Hibiscus design. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I upgraded to the 1.5 inch rings (you know I love me a stuffed planner!).

Inside I've got a zipper pocket to start. Nothing much in there yet but I imagine it will house some stickers, a washi card and maybe some project lift cards and post it notes.

These small shopping lists/to do lists are one of my favourite things. There's not a day goes by I don't leave work with a list of things I need from the supermarket. Perfect to jot them down then pull it out when I get to the shop. I've got 5 heavy poly dividers going on currently (but I may look at making some laminated cardstock ones with some pretty scrapbooking card).

Current tabs are: Mo2P Year calendar:

This is from the SnB range by Marsia Bramucci on Etsy. Her Mo2P are my absolute go-to Yearly calendars, whatever style or size of journal I'm in.

Current Month (weekly and daily):


This is an A5 insert from DIYFish on Etsy. I come back time and time again to her inserts as I just love the look of them. I particularly like the layout of the weekly page on this version. It is the A5 ClassicB v3s1 + mo2p + ds5 do1p.

Monthly lists (this includes my gratitude log, monthly challenge prompts, anything that will change monthly):

Permanent lists (common place section, basically - books I'm reading or want to read, my TV series tracker etc):

Yes, I'm aware I watch too much TV. I am a Netflix binge-watcher and I'm not ashamed to admit it ;)


The left-hand side is a Etsy Printable from PeanutsPlannerCo. Idea completely stolen from Carie Harling in an attempt to at least record some element of my day even if it's only one line journaling.  

So, that's where I'm living for One Book July this year. I've been in the planner since Wednesday and I love it already.

For the project element, my decision as to whether or not to play along with that is somewhere up in the air. I have a million things I want to do but I can't see the wood for the trees with my choices at the moment. Hopefully something will come into focus in the next few days and I can decide to play along.

Even without that I'm focusing on regaining some use in my planning system and making it work for me again. My system has become a little derailed by the pretties to it's back to some structure and basics for me.

Progress updates to come when I've been living with it for a while.