Life With Newfs

We live in a crazy Newf-infested household!
If you don't know much about Newfoundlands these dogs are BIG. Like, giant breed big.
They're also goofy, and smart, and loveable, and zoomie, and loyal, and snuggly and basically the bestest doggy friend you could wish for.
Bred originally in Newfoundland in Canada they are working dogs, bred for water rescue (they have a thick double coat, webbed feet, big lung capacities and porous bones ideal for swimming) and for cart pulling.
They are gentle giants.
They also drool (A LOT). They also shed (A LOT).
Our delightful Newfie kids are Jethro (the really big one) and Ziva (the not so big one):

Life in a two Newf household is a little crazy, but we love it.
Be warned if you come for a meal though, in our house Newf fur is a condiment!